Timmy Trumpet & SCNDL – Bleed [Monstercat] (Melbourne Bounce)

It’s a brand new form of house music taking the dance world by storm. It’s similarities mirror that of Dutch house, however this time the evolution of EDM has taken a trip down under.

Welcome to ‘Melbourne Bounce’.

In the past, we’ve highlighted some of the pioneers of this up and coming Australian based genre. Artists like Bombs Away, Will Sparks, J-Trick and Deorro have paved the arduous path into EDM relativity for new up and comers like these next two trailblazers to change the game up with their exotic and intriguing style of music. It’s official: The United States has finally succumb to the lively Aussie spirit – evident by their energetic, hyper-sexual taste in all things bouncy (music and bust). Characterized by a (chromatically tuned) ticking intro, a whistling break, and the ever identifiable “drag-rap” vocoder on vocals, bounce music has transformed into something quite stimulating for both the mind and body.

Although that sort of depends on your age and social status (i.e. Do you like to get down?).

SCNDL and Timmy Trumpet are two artists relatively unexplored on this side of the pond. Does that idiom apply if we’re not going to Europe? Either way, that’s a big pond. Why do people use such a misleading phrase?

Anyways, these next two artists have spawned somewhat of an anomaly in the current realm of EDM. By merging the aforementioned qualities of a quintessential bounce (specifically Melbourne) tune with the sheer elegance and allure manifested in Timmy’s trumpet, these two new Monstercat signees have created an utterly breathtaking composition with upper management written all over it. It’s not too often two completely disassociated elements of music can so eloquently coexist.

Hats off, gents. Hats off.

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Laidback Luke & Hardwell – Dynamo (Will Sparks Remix) [Mixmash Records]

And. Here. We. Go.

Will Sparks, the 20- year old DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia, has a unique musical style known for its’ electro house rhythm with a twist of big room house. He is most well known for his remix of ‘Hello’ by Stafford Brothers feat. Lil Wayne & Christina Milan that reached #1 on the electro-house Beatport charts earlier this year as well as his own single ‘Ah Yeah’ that reached #3 on the Top 10 Beatport charts. His tracks have received support from some huge names like David Guetta, Dada Life, Madeon, A-Trak, and Chuckie.

Wills’ productions are known for their deep bass lines and hard hitting synths, and his latest remix of Laidback Luke & Hardwells’ ‘Dynamo’ does not disappoint. The song starts with a low EQ clap that rises into a growling kick drum just begging to be dropped. And when it does, prepare to head bob like never before.

We’re talking head in the clouds and back down to the ground, faster than Usain Bolts’ brother, Insane.

Repeat head bobbing until song completion.

And then, press replay.

Ah Yeah! Rager Onions’ Happy Friday Playlist [Happy]

Alright you jive Turkeys, it’s the weekend. Almost.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

It’s time to branch out of your respected cubicles, and quit googling images of cupcakes. Because it’s the weekend, and that can only mean four things: drinking, friends, music, and the miscellaneous.

So here for your Friday audio demands, we’ve concocted this mix of party tracks. And they’re pre-approved for fun, so you know they’re legit.

The weekend only comes 4 times a month. Don’t take it for granted.