Cyber Candy & Electrode – Rare Candy (Vonikk Remix) [FREE]

It has been quite some time since we lasted checked in on our favorite hard-rock influenced, electro production whiz known as David Vonikk or, more simply, Vonikk. After listening to his most recent remix of “Rare Candy,” a collaborative piece by Electrode and Cyber Candy, we figured now was as good a time as ever to reintroduce our listeners to the glory that is a Vonikk production.

What first peaked our interest in this young musician was David’s ability to incorporate incredible electric guitar pieces into his productions. Considering the slew of artists that blend rock music into their electronic dance tracks, we believe Vonikk’s to be of some of the most authentic. One can plainly hear by listening to a few of David Vonikk’s tracks that his abilities with the guitar are highly developed, making this coagulation of genres uncanny.

However, with all of this mind, this is NOT the reason why we are posting this next jam.

In fact, it is for the exact OPPOSITE reason.

On Vonikk’s most recent production, a remix of “Rare Candy”, he simply presents his talent as a top-notch professional and producer of electronic dance music. We cannot even begin to explain how catchy this song becomes after the first complextro breakdown. The melody created by David is on par with some of the best producers of progressive and electro house.

Just give the entire track a thorough listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Mr. Vonikk requests your support, please give him a “like” on Facebook or even a “follow” on his SoundCloud.

Boner Jams Vol. 2

It’s time again for another edition of Boner Jams: the songs we love, but did not have the time to thoroughly post on.

Call it lazy, call it whatever you want. All that we truly care about is making sure that you hear these fantastical beats. So without further ado, we give you some real Boner Jams. You know, the stuff that makes us stiff in the pantaloons.

Boner Jams: Stuff You Missed From The Weekend

The weekend is a reserved occasion. And by reserved, we most definitely do not mean placid. Reserved, as in – sequestered away to accomplish some raging of our own. When we were busy going hard to the music we love to bring to you, these were some other true Boner Jams that dropped over the weekend. Get it? Like, from that movie with Seth Rogen and that virgin?