Boner Jams Vol. 2

It’s time again for another edition of Boner Jams: the songs we love, but did not have the time to thoroughly post on.

Call it lazy, call it whatever you want. All that we truly care about is making sure that you hear these fantastical beats. So without further ado, we give you some real Boner Jams. You know, the stuff that makes us stiff in the pantaloons.

Drop City Yacht Club – “Crickets” (Viceroy Remix)[Tropical, Summer Vibes][Happy]

What’s good mon! Now that it’s pretty much summer in Chicago, you know what that means? It means we talk like Rastafarians, grill our hot dogs instead of boiling them, and we listen to Viceroy!

The slick kid from San Francisco is back on his step with a remix of Drop City Yacht Club’s ‘Crickets’, and we’re talking about love. But apparently the narrator of these lyrics didn’t get any love. He told her they should kick it, and all he heard was crickets. Listen for yourself. Viceroy is a multi-talented and innovative DJ with a knack for being spunky. Song selection wise, he’s a go-to for any true 90’s kid.

But oh, isn’t it great? A little summertime game of cat and mouse? Spinning some paradise into this tropical mamma jamma, nobody knows the sound of summer like our man Viceroy. Wanna get groovy under the sun? Viceroy. Get naughty under the moonlight? Viceroy. Eat ice cream under the influence? Viceroy.

He’s the guy. So enjoy the free summer vibes, don’t say we never give you anything.

Ah Yeah! Rager Onions’ Happy Friday Playlist [Happy]

Alright you jive Turkeys, it’s the weekend. Almost.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

It’s time to branch out of your respected cubicles, and quit googling images of cupcakes. Because it’s the weekend, and that can only mean four things: drinking, friends, music, and the miscellaneous.

So here for your Friday audio demands, we’ve concocted this mix of party tracks. And they’re pre-approved for fun, so you know they’re legit.

The weekend only comes 4 times a month. Don’t take it for granted.