Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up (TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! Remix) [FREE]

Every once in a great while, which in terms of electronic dance music releases, usually spans a couple of months, there exists a monumental song that vicariously embodies the collective sound of the most popular, universal style at the moment (a great example would be Martin Garrix’s “Animals” from several months back). To us here at Rager Onions, this next track is exactly of the variety we had just mentioned prior to this statement.

Big Room House + Trap = mainstream EDM right now.

We hate to see this because unfortunately, as a result, the two genres have become more watered down than the twenty dollar drinks at your favorite night club (the same club that plays these redundant “bangers”). And we’re not getting drunk off these big room anthems or generic trap songs anymore. It sucks and we hate to say it, but it’s true.

However, with that being said, TighTTRAXX and ETC!ETC!‘s remix to “DJ Turn It Up” by the recently deceased (may he rest in peace) and now idealized producer, Yellow Claw, is an utterly gigantic and surprisingly refreshing version of whats “hot on the streets right now.”

Give thanks to Jose Guerrero of ETC!ETC! and¬†Alextek of TIGHT TRAXX for once again showing us that not all is lost for EDM when it comes to Trap and Big Room. The duos creative coagulation of the two stylistic motifs precipitates beautifully in the trap resemblant introduction and its reappearance during the downtempo section immediately following the first big room break. The two even manage to use that classic, big room “hollow wood block” effect at a BMP more indicative of a standard trap track, we love it slowed down.

Overall, Jose and Alex did a great job of cycling through tempo, mood and brought a ton of energy (and fun) to this remix from our deceased brethren Yellow Claw.

(this is where we pour a 4o out on the curb for YC)

The Robot Dentist – Combination (Original Mix) [Free]

A little background on the REAL story behind this next artist, The Robot Dentist.

I was once the leader of an intergalactic robot alliance that was sent to this place to destroy the planet [Earth]. Once here, a series of divinely inspired prophecies were fulfilled, and my mission was aborted. Not content with returning to the evil grasp of the Universal Republic, I laid down my command over the robot forces and decided to stay on Earth. My new mission was to teach humans the lost secrets of the ancient cosmos, bridge their souls with the farthest reaches of space, and open their hearts to the wonders of the universe with music.”

Well duh. We all already knew this, right?

A trip across the universe might just have been what Ian Squires needed to amalgamate genres like dubstep, glitch hop, trap and future (shit, for all we know me may be from the future!) bass in the fashion you hear on each track. Below, we give to you, free of charge of course, The Robot Dentist’s latest release.

“Combination” is simply quintessential in its inherent overtness. Meaning, for one, the title of the song blatantly represents exactly what it stands for, a fluid cohesion of EDM styles. Moreover, the multifaceted dynamics of each genre on “Combination” are aptly chosen in way that “reads” (I guess “plays” in this circumstance) quite simply and is relatable to the average EDM listener. Overall, solid production.

By the way, The Robot Dentists initials are TRD.

Haha, Terd.

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (Spag Heddy Cover Ft. Nassim)

As recent events have unfurled regarding the twerked out superstar Miley Cyrus and her VMA antics, Spag Heddy has decided to capitalize on all that media attention. His latest track, a cover of Miley’s hit ‘We Can’t Stop’,¬†(funny that Spag explicitly states this is a COVER and not a REMIX, must be trying to get around some legal issues there) hit all the right spots for us over at Rager Onions.

Featuring the vocals of Nassim, Spag Heddy has revamped this pop smash into something we can all groove to in the world of EDM. His new drumstep cover feels so good. Miley’s lyrics reverberate that ‘you-only-live-once’ attitude while Spag’s beat steers your feet towards the dance floor.

This jam is just a whole lot of fun. It’s refreshing to see Mr. Heddy trying something different. Overall, great tune. Enjoy Ragers.