Jantsen & Dirt Monkey – Ice Cream Sound [Dub Summer Anthem]

Personally, for this Rager, this next jam has been an unabashed pleasure of mine over the past week.

Capturing an unbelievably catchy tune in a four and a half minute track seems entirely effortless for musicians Jantsen and Dirt Monkey, two of the most promising up-and-coming American dubstep producers. Setting aside my unhealthy obsession with two other dub production masterminds (Spag Heddy and EH!DE), Boulder residents Patrick Megeath of Dirt Monkey and Jantsen Robertson additionally possess the rare ability to produce the filthiest, nastiest of beats while still managing to keep their chord progression unique and extremely melodic. I fear that as of late, simple qualities such as these are far too often ignored in an narrow-minded attempt to synthesize the ultimate “drop.”

Utilizing a classic rolling bass melody, which to us, sounds a lot like old-school Doctor P, and a unfathomably catchy reggae hook, this tandem of Colorado DJs have struck gold with “Ice Cream Sound.” Pay special attention to the way these two have incorporated the vocal chops as an instrument and how it elegantly intertwines with the original, “Slightly Stoopid-reminiscent” vocals.

The perfect song for the perfect summer playlist.


Another from Jantsen…

Another from Dirt Monkey…

Rager Onions Presents: The Top 5 LP’s of 2013

The Top 5 LP’s of 2013:

5. With the most musically diverse album on the list, Mat Zo has electrically paved his path with Damage Control.

4. Sub Focus never disappoints, and his latest LP, Taurus, may just prove to be his Sistine Chapel.

3. Avicii fused two polar opposite genres into something truly magical. We’re calling it electro-folk. Unfortunately Avicii’s manager put his money where his mouth is, and denied us the pleasure of a free listen on SoundCloud. Don’t worry, we marked it down for future reference. Bad little Ash…

2. Dinner and drinks for two at Feed Me‘s Calamari Tuesday.

1. These are the times that we live in, the times we’ve created. This is Rebel Era.

Honorable Mention: 

Easily the darkest of the bunch, Let It Burn proves once again that American dub-step does have a name. And it’s spelled DATSIK.

True: The Next Avicii Song That’s About To Blow Up


During 1 of my 3 daily visits to Dunkin Donuts, I was halted in my path by the song playing on Dunkin Radio.

Yes, Dunkin Donuts has their own radio station. I guess when you provide instant, cream-filled happiness to millions of Americans every morning, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Kind’ve like Avicii. The producer that did what he wanted, as inferred from the title of his chart-topping album (peaked at no. 5 on US Billboard 200, currently no. 59), True. Revolutionizing the genre to a small degree, the Swedish superstar took a big risk by infusing folk into dance (twang into techno, if you will), and scratching more relevance off of a term we hate the most: genre.

Ever since he previewed the new album in his Ultra set, there are two songs I’ve been particularly obsessed with.

The first, of course, was “Wake Me Up”. After listening to that song deaf, it was only a matter of time before Kiss FM butchered it.

Which they did.

So when I heard DUNKIN RADIO blasting my favorite song from the album (and maybe my favorite song of the entire year) – it became clear that EDM isn’t going mainstream.

It is mainstream.

I guess this is the price we pay. But your 8-year-old niece shouldn’t be talking about Skrillex at the dinner table, and Avicii doesn’t deserve to be butchered by the radio.

If you haven’t heard it already, stop being a hipster – and listen to “Hey Brother”. The single, featuring raw vocals from Dan Tyminski, plays on Avicii’s new style in some forms, but the melody becomes a soothing masterpiece, filled with electronic optimism and produced for epic journeys (and as I’ve mentioned before, running).

We here at Rager Onions firmly believe it could be one of the top ten tracks of the year. And when we released our Top-10 songs of the year (so far) back in July, we didn’t anticipate including one of the tracks from Avicii’s experimental, but awesome, True. 

So will “Hey Brother” make it? Who knows.

Will Duck Sauce make it? Absolutely not.

You’ll just have to wait until next week, when we’ll be releasing our top-10 albums, and top-10 songs of the year. We don’t mess around with that Billboard bullshit, and we wouldn’t include Avicii just because it’s Avicii.

This year was a big one, and “Hey Brother” is right up there on the top-10 reasons why.