Motivation Monday: Get On That Grind [Full Mixes] [Free Downloads]

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Nietzsche

Fact – your most productive time of the week is Monday morning.

Unless you’re lazy.

Don’t be lazy.


1. Mat Zo’s latest mix, provided by Sirius XM Radio.

2. Our favorite mix on the list – compliments to Chef Audien.

3. Far Too Loud provided their Shambhala Festival Mix 2013 for free download.

4. Arty’s weekly podcast – Together We Are: Episode 059 [Live Set @Cream Amnesia, Ibiza].

5. BBC Radio 1’s latest mix featuring Nicky Romero.

Arty — Together We Are — (Audien Remix) (CLMD Remix) (The M Machine Remix)

With an eclectic remix of Arty‘s ‘Together We Are’ featuring Chris James, Audien has done it again.

No stranger to the trance scene, Nate Rathbun has the production skill to transform any mediocre song into a melodic journey. Granted he was working with a song already remixed by the likes of The M Machine and CLMD, the song needs grand introduction. Check out all three remixes below, as well as the original version in case you’re looking to get REAL weird.

Because let’s be honest, you’re sitting alone at work right now wondering, “Are We Together?”

Yes, yes we are.

If that was not enough Arty, here’s his latest live mix from Exchange Los Angeles.

Arty feat. Chris James – Together We Are (The M Machine Remix) [FUNKY]

They just won’t quit.

Week after week, the men from The M Machine continue to prove their dominance in the early months of 2013. As if Arty’s newest hit “Together We Are”  was not impressive enough, OWSLA’s finest had to go and funk it all up. Can you blame them?

Just another reason why funk is back and sounding stronger than ever.

Here’s a little treat for your Tuesday, compliments of Arty’s newest live mix from Exchange Los Angeles. Who can resist a free download?