Progressively Beautiful: Project 46 – Continuum EP (Free Download)

Breathtaking. Eclectic. Awe-inspiring. Unearthly. Transcendent. Yearning for more.

That’s about all we can say about Project 46‘s new EP, Waiting.

‘Catatyst’, ‘Ekho’, and ‘Waiting’ all bring a little something different to the table, each one complimenting the other in sound and composition. Our favorite track off the EP, ‘Waiting’, is a collaboration with fellow producer Soundwell featuring vocals by the ever talented KORY. It’s a bit more on the trance end of the spectrum, but still delivers a deep bass line and enchanting synths that fill in the gaps nicely. Since breaking into the DJ Mag Top 100 last year, Project 46 has been consistently producing and releasing quality original mixes and unique remixes that have been gaining respect from some of the bigger names in EDM.

For all of you Chicagoans out there, don’t miss Project 46 live at The Mid on June 8th. It’s a show you won’t to want to miss.

Trap to the Future! MartyParty Storms the Mid Tonight (4/19)

We know you’ve got nothing better to do tonight, don’t lie.

Liars find themselves on our naughty list, a place you don’t want to be. Remember that one Christmas when all you got was dress socks? That was us. Plus, we’ve already taken the time out of our busy schedules to decide your plans for this evening. Come check out one of the most progressive, style-blending DJs around: MartyParty.

Martin Folb is a man of many talents. When he’s not performing as a member of the group PANTyRAiD (Martin + Ooah of The Glitch Mob), he’s doing it solo via MartyParty. His live shows are highly regarded for its musical diversity and originality.

What are you waiting for? RSVP on The Mid’s website before 11 pm to go for free! Or, if you are lazy as hell and don’t wanna stand out in the cold, buy a ticket for $10. Either way, you can’t lose. Unless you wear jorts.

Born in South Africa, this Brooklyn native has been taking the scene by storm with his original productions of hip-hop, trap, and dubstep tracks. His website encourages listeners to hop on his “amusement park ride through a symphonic purple odyssey that explodes into a one-of-a-kind live experience.”

The man was built to play live, what else do we need to say?  Screw Sunny-D, we want some of that Purple Stuff!

“I just want to make kids freak out and let loose – we all came to party – I make a party – you have no choice but to get into it – young and old – one thing is for sure, you’ll going nuts.” – MartyParty

Funny Music is Funny – Zedd [Heavy] and Popeska [Heavy]


It’s Tuesday, run!!!! Maybe we’re still a bit giddy from Savoy at The Mid on Friday night, but unmotivated is no way to kick-off the week. And if you’re already flustered about this week, maybe it’s time you found a new hobby.

Like knitting or something. Do people still knit?

Popeska is not the latest McCormick’s seasoning. Although he might put some spice into your Tuesday latte. Zedd is not in fact switching to dubstep – although Scorpion Move would be decent vindication.

These songs will not only make you think it’s Friday, it will also natural lift your mood to a Thursday level. Rationalization is the key to sanity.

Or something like that.