Adventure Club | Wonder ft. The Kite String Tangle (T-Mass Remix)

Thomas Allen of T-Mass has been producing his own original blend of lush, highly melodic dubstep music for a little over two years now. What first caught our attention when listening to this next artist was his ability to develop and grow his sound over the extent of a single production. T-Mass’ tracks always possess a certain singular movement that evokes feeling and can almost even tell a story. The songs rise, climax, fall and decay just like any great piece of literature would.

Thomas’ most recent release on SoundCloud, a remix to “Wonder” featuring The Kite String Tangle on vocals, was submitted as part of a contest taking place by Adventure Club, who originally produced the song. Mr. Allen actually cites AC as being one of his biggest influences, so we imagine he’d be pretty jacked if he manages to win this thing.

Like any of the other great songs by T-Mass, his remix to Adventure Club incorporates a simple, yet beautiful chord progression, beginning with a piano melody, resonating, chopped vocals and a unique, almost progressive house type build. Don’t let it fool you however, because after the drop, it’s only more of what we’ve seen from this Bay Area beast.

If you are as into this are we are, vote for it via the link attached below. If you think you can do better, enter yourself.


It’s Hard To Let Go: “Second Heartbeat” (The Kite String Tangle Remix)

Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.” -Mineko Iwasaki

Love is a funny thing, really. How can something that exists only as a state of mind act as the supreme dictator of our happiness? An element of nature as instinctual as breathing in air, love remains our loyal companion through trifling times. But sometimes, that enchanting feeling of dual immortality fades away, reconceptualizing our reason for living. And when that happens, love transforms from the highlight reel of passion and lust into the bane of our so-called existence. The vicious cycle of balancing love, life, and the pursuit of happiness ultimately defines the life you live.

Heartbreak will come, it’s inevitable.

Lucky for you, there are 7,000,000,000 other fine candidates to help meld the pieces back together. (If you swing both ways. If not, cut that number in half.)

Oh, and there’s this:

Shy Girls – TIMESHARE EP available now:

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Adventure Club – Calling All Heroes Pt. I

In the realm of electronic dance music, when the words “Canadian dubstep” are read aloud or mentioned in a conversation, one generally tends to gravitate towards three names: Excision, Zeds Dead and those dashingly good looking boys in Red and Blue. Naturally, we are speaking of Adventure Club. 

A few days ago, Christian Srigley and Leighton James released one of their most dynamic and fresh productions to date. Appropriately matching the duos general motif, Calling All Heroes is a multi-genre, progressive masterpiece. A true highlight for this Rager has to be Adventure Club’s third track on the album. Not only does ‘Crash’ provide that signature AC lyricism (poppy/emotive/relative), but the drop is an entirely different beast. When juxtaposed against the vocalists words, the breakdown of this jam just feels right. It’s deep, it’s minimal and it’s dirty. Normally, I steer clear of songs that share this track’s layout, but, for whatever reason, Adventure Club makes it simply awesome.

Every single song on this EP is fantastic. We are certainly not bullshitting here. And guess what???

You can listen to Adventure Club’s brand new release for free, right here! Enjoy and Rage On.