The Top 5 LP’s of This (1/3) Year

We’re four months into the year 2014, and with each new week comes an onslaught of new releases from across the electronic music spectrum. While choosing the top five EP’s may have been more of a rigorous process, the short list for the top LP’s came together quite nicely. Without further ado, we present to you our Top 5 LP’s of 2014 so far.  
5. The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality [Glass Air Records]
The wait was well worth it. The epic album lives up to the name.
4. WeAreCastor – Bon Voyage [SectionZ]
Shoutout to SectionZ for sharing such an evolutionary and all encompassing album.
3. Skrillex – Recess [OWSLA]
Do you even Skrillex, bro?
2. Haywyre – Two Fold Part 1 [Monstercat]
Haywyre no longer goes unheard, and support for his latest LP goes unsaid.
1. Savoy – Self Predator [Self-Released]
Savoy’s first LP reigns supreme. Pure gold through and through.

[NEW EP] Lemaitre —Relativity 3— [FUNKY] [HAPPY]

Imagine Ratatat and Justice making a baby. And then imagine that baby was raised by Kill Paris. You might imagine something like Lemaitre, except they’re not real babies, and they just released their new EP – ‘Relativity 3′.

The electronic-indie ‘disco dudes’ outta Norway have already garnered support from big names like Zedd, Porter Robinson, and The Glitch Mob.

So strap on your dancing shoes, pop in the headphones, and find a nice public area with plenty of available dance room. Then when you’ve garnered a large enough crowd, do the only thing you can do.

Bust a move.