*Rager Onions Exclusive* | Tenkai – Rise Up (Ωhmtrix Remix)

Over the past year or so we have had the pleasure of getting to know a few of the big players overs at SectionZ Records and several of the abnormally talented musicians they represent (Savant, Kaster, City 17, Soulero). However, there still remains numerous artists on the SectionZ lineup that we have not had the chance to premier for you, the listener.

Well, it would seem today is your lucky day.

Shannon and Josh over at SectionZ have been around the EDM block so to speak, a few times actually. Not only are they super easy to work and collaborate with, but these two instantly know great music when they hear it. Together, the two coagulate their years of experience and the relationships formed therein to represent, support and foster musicians with an overwhelming sense of musicality and depth of production. This next artist, Ωhmtrix (pronounced “ohm-tricks”) is no exception as you will soon see.

For those of you who haven’t been required to complete two frivolous semesters of introductory physics in order to get into pharmacy school, an “Ohm” is the international system of units used to “measure electrical resistance between two points of a conductor”, represented by the symbol ‘Ω’. If you’ve ever taken a look at the inner workings of an electrical device, you bet your ass you’ve seen a “resistor”, the passive component that “implements electrical resistance as a circuit element”.

Speaking of measuring electrical resistance, this London based producer has a new album coming out on November 11th. And wouldn’t you know it; Ωhmtrix has aptly titled the release Measure of Resistance. Very clever Sam.

SectionZ has again bestowed upon us the honor of premiering an exclusive track from another one of their musicians who is far ahead of the production learning curve. This time it’s Ωhmtrix’s remix to Tenkai’s complextro track “Rise Up”.

On this jam, Ωhmtrix recycles those original, soulful lyrics from Tenkai’s mix to to bring about this inspirational feeling when paired with the addition of Sam’s glitching, modulated bass exploration. Honestly, it sounds like our subwoofer is trying to speak to us with the way that Ωhmtrix has distorted each successive bass’ utterance.

Ωhmtrix has put together a laundry list of stellar tracks, fit for any dance floor or intimate setting. With the help of live instrumentals and the raw power of drum and bass, breakbeats and dubstep, Sam Wheeler has applied his dark, almost cinematic touch to every song on Measure of Resistance. Each recording seems to paint a picture or set a particular scene within the listener’s imagination. Seriously, this shit is reflective and deep as hell. As far as you and I are concerned, it’s certified, Rager Approved.

As we have stated previously, the full album is set to drop November 11th on SectionZ Records. So, watch out! And of course, enjoy.

If you dig, follow SectionZ and Ωhmtrix on SoundCloud, the greatest website in existence. Well, besides Reddit that is.

Boner Jams Vol. 2

It’s time again for another edition of Boner Jams: the songs we love, but did not have the time to thoroughly post on.

Call it lazy, call it whatever you want. All that we truly care about is making sure that you hear these fantastical beats. So without further ado, we give you some real Boner Jams. You know, the stuff that makes us stiff in the pantaloons.