Lyrical Madness: Daughter – Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix) [HAPPY]


Every so often, a song comes along that screams with remix potential.

Typically, producers like to collaborate with aspiring singers in the hopes their vocals will be the final piece to their symphonic puzzle. Zedd used Foxes’ unearthly voice to catapult ‘Clarity’ to the top of just about every chart imaginable last year. Ellie Goulding tore the cover off Calvin Harris’ recent hit ‘I Need Your Love’.

And now, add another one to the list. Elena Tonra, better known as Daughter, has an unforgettably enduring sound that forces any melody onto the back burner. As if the original song wasn’t hard enough to beat, Sound Remedy had to go and mesmerize our socks off with their unparalleled dubstep remix. And just when you thought ‘Medicine’ had seen its’ last day, The Chainsmokers kick in the door, cigarette’s a blazing.

We’ve provided the original version by Daughter as well as both remixes. Listen to the original first in order to fully appreciate the heart and soul of such a brilliant piece in musical literature.

“You’ve got a warm heart, you’ve got a beautiful brain. But it’s disintegrating, from all the medicine…”

Thrillin’ Like Dillon: ‘Messages’ – Dillon Francis [New Single] [Funky]


If you follow Rager Onions, you know we have crushes.

Not like actual crushes (we have those too), but musical crushes. DJ’s that turn our day around every time we push ‘play’. Artists claiming their stake through their music, not their bullshit. Unknown artists from the East Coast, like The Chainsmokers. Dutch DJ’s that are exploding onto the scene, like Vicetone. And even a modern day revolutionary (so we think), like Savant.

Although he’s become a household name, Dillon Francis continues to produce and deliver. And in a late-March visit to ‘dirtation station’, EDM’s wild child has bestowed another gift upon us.

‘Messages’, the latest single from Dillon Francis – is a groovy tribute to an SMS-obsessed society. His massively complex, funky, and intense sound is topped off with another over-simplified song title. One would say, it’s his personal formula for viral success. In collaboration with Lord Simon, Francis released the full version of his new track this morning on Mad Decent.

Aside from it’s uplifting backdrop in the quintessential Dillon Francis tune, the lyrics are one big double entendre: the messages that you’re sending me.

Our message for Dillon?

Your music is the ( . Y . )

Sleeps Alone – Two Door Cinema Club (The Chainsmokers Remix) [HAPPY] [KILLER JAM!] [FREE TOO!]

Another phat jam from a duo out East that has certainly caught our eye. As a personal fan of the indie band Two Door Cinema Club for a few years now, I’d give them a listen. If your into that sorta thing.

But of course, this little snippet is about our friends out in NYC, and we’re sharing the love in Chi-city. The Chainsmokers have churned out another hot remix, this one coming off one of TDCC’s hottest singles – ‘Sleep Alone’.

Working in conjunction with Glass Note records and Two Door Cinema Club themselves, the progressive house duo mastered this one from back to finish. This is their fourth release of 2013 and it rules like O’Doyle. Because O’Doyle rules.

And so do the Chainsmokers.