Weirder is Better: Datsik – Release Me (MUST DIE! Remix)[HEAVY][Forthcoming FIREPOWER]

We’ve talked a lot about MUST DIE! in April. But that’s only because Lee Bates keeps giving us a reason to. And not bad press either, like going to jail, spitting gum on the sidewalk, or wearing a real shabby pair of slacks in public.

While our respective elders may not approve of his stage name, little do they know that MUST DIE! inflicts nothing but happiness. The DJ from Atlanta has been turning plenty of notable heads, landing releases on Ultra, Firepower. Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, Mad Decent and Atlantic Records. Chucking out wild tunes left and right, his latest remix of  ‘Release Me’ is an absolute stunner. You might hear plenty of it at this summer’s heavier-hitting galas, as this addicting spin already has a heavy-hitting name on the track – an artist by the name of Datsik. Who also created Firepower Records. Oh I seeee what’s going on here.

Since this this young DJ is drawing so much attention, you have to wonder if he’ll be offered a slot in the TomorrowWorld lineup. After all, the enormous event will take place in his own backyard. Not literally, that’s just an idiom. Anyways, something tells you funky folks will be coming back for a second listen to this one. And if you like it, also check out another fresh track from this jolly ole’ fellow, his remix of  ‘I’m Alive’ by Bourke & Vegas.

So go forth, be merry, and get weird.

Firepower Records presents MUST DIE! — Caffeine — [Funky, Way Funky][New EP]

Somewhere at any given time in the universe, there is a blue-eyed, incredibly obnoxious, 21 year old boy. It just so happens that this particular boy is MUST DIE!  

That’s funny! But – I pulled this from the official Soundcloud page of MUST DIE! I wish I wrote it. I wish I did a lot of things. Like sky-diving, or a somersault. Unfortunately, my physique never allowed me these luxuries growing up. I have no idea where I’m going with this. Which is a lot like this EP, you never know where the hell it’s going. But I say that as a good thing. In an industry growing with competition – Lee Bates is certainly standing out, straight out of the ATL.

I wonder if he’s homeboys with Popeska?

Just released on Firepower Records, ‘Caffeine’ features six unique tracks, and some of the funkiest electro we’ve come across. The style of MUST DIE! is hard to explain, but easy to enjoy. Mixing quirky bass and high-pitched melodies – he manages to keep it funky, heavy, and even a little happy. To put it in our own terms.


Slowly but surely – Atlanta has started to make a name for themselves as a mini-hub for EDM, and most particularly dubstep. With rumors stirring about Tomorrowland possibly coming to the ATL in 2014, it’s hard not to pay attention. Although we doubt it, as it seems the city has no permissible venue for such a grand affair. People we know in Georgia told us (they’re cool, don’t worry).

Helping lead the way is Lee Bates, better known as MUST DIE!

With wobbles and bass as his hammer and nail, MUST DIE! has built an audial Taj Mahal with his latest EP, ‘WEIRD’. With releases on Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, and Mad Decent Records, Lee possesses the skill set to wreck speakers and dance floors alike. Each song contains a specific sound unlike any other on the EP, all while synchronizing a similar groove throughout. With the release of volume one, we can only assume that a second volume is in the works.

8-bit never sounded so good.