Bone N Skin – 15K Remix EP

When considering the steadily growing plethora of music that has already hit the scene in 2014, only one release has managed to elicit a grin of this proportion on my stupid face. I saw it, and I was beaming. Mind you, all of this was pre-listen. I nearly came, no joke.

We don’t like to joke around here anymore, not since “the accident.”

SirensCeol, Bone N Skin and last, but assuredly not least, Skrux, are three musicians that I have had the pleasure of intimately following as they have steadily grown and learned to develop and even evolve their sounds. It has been quite the wild ride for each of these ultra talented producers and I have enjoyed every second aboard for the journey. Actually, it’s sort of funny how they have all coincidentally joined forces and teamed up, unknowingly showcasing how far they have all come since their respective EDM inceptions. 

Each remix on Bone N Skin’s EP falls squarely into the realm of a different genre. The VIP remix to “15K” sets the scene in the form of a clean, hard-hitting, complextro house revamp to the original BNS jam. Next, Stephen Burke, also known as SirensCeol (pronounced, “Sirens Soul”) diverges from Bone N Skin’s original intentions and pursues a filthier complextro, more dubstep oriented routine. Finally, we get some of that goody good from none other than the melodic dub sensation himself, Skrux [Pavilion] (he really ought to change his name to that. Thoughts?). Without a shred of doubt, this is our favorite production of the trifecta.

SirensCeol | The Ocean Ft. Alissa Dawson (Original Mix) [The Ocean EP]

It’s official; Stephen Burke, aka SirensCeol, is a force to be reckoned with.

Watching this west-coast dub producer develop his sound over the past few years has been whole-heartedly enchanting; and It finally seems like the world of EDM has begun to take notice. With the recent release of his new EP, The Ocean, Stephen has honed his sound to the likes of similar trailblazing melodic dub-step producers Seven Lions, Adventure Club and Blackmill. But, of course, SirensCeol is naturally unique in his own sense. Utilizing characteristics of glitch, complextro, progressive house, and many other genres, his latest EP is a testament to the true talent this UC Berkeley student possesses. Taking into mind the fact that he began to play piano at the age of 11, it’s no wonder why he has progressed so swiftly in the realm of electronic dance music.

SirensCeol has synthesized a unique set of sounds with this latest release. His heavy, yet complex sound design offers a deep and reflective outlook, rarely seen in dubstep today. However, he still manages to provide uplifting melodies and cherubic vocals that will keep the listener’s head bobbing until the completion of each track. 

Stephen offers fans a glimpse of his musical sense with the release of a single, which happens to share the same title as the EP. The Ocean is a chill-step banger indicative of the quality EDM fans have grown to expect from the other melodic dub producers mentioned previously. His mangled, growling bass lines are juxtaposed perfectly against the euphoric, complex arrangements featured on this jam.

It would be a damn shame to pass this one up.

Buy The Ocean here:

Hard Work Pays Off: SirensCeol – When The World Falls (Original Mix)

What a strange journey it has been.

We’ve kept a watchful eye on our friend Stephen Burke aka SirensCeol for quite some time now. Let us tell you, this man is relentless. Besides a select few producers (Savant being the major exception), not too many artists release music at a pace that leaves the listener scrambling to hear them all. SirensCeol is constantly dropping fresh tracks on the reg and we can all certainly get down with this method of production.

Well, it would seem that his omnipresence in the studio has payed off. His latest single, ‘When The World Falls’, is the fruition of countless hours spent honing his already impressive production skill sets. But don’t get us wrong. We have thoroughly enjoyed many of his other productions, however, we feel as if this latest tune is far and away his most impressive production yet.

SirensCeol has done everything right on his latest original mix. The piano melody, the synthesizers, the vocals, the percussion, the love-step break, all coagulating into a dubstep track that just might redefine your idea of the genre. It’s not gritty and it’s certainly not grimy. The track is simply beautiful.

If you have never heard of this Berkeley-based producer, now is a great time to start. Follow him on Twitter, follow him on SoundCloud, follow him on Facebook. Shit, follow him around everyday if you’ve got the time. Then report back to us with any juicy details.

This one deserves your ears.