Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (FKJ Remix)


This next French producer has been serving up his own style of freshly squeezed, funky midtempo beats since late twenty twelve. FKJ or French Kiwi Juice (yum), has been lighting up my SoundCloud stream as of late, regardless of the fact that I was not (at the time) following him.

This could only mean one thing.

The artists in which I already had been following, hence, the artists I actually enjoy, were reposting FKJ’s music on the regular. When this is the case, the mystery artist in question is generally noteworthy in their skills as an electronic dance music producer. Such was the case with this French, kiwi loving musician.

FKJ’s remix to Alice Russell is a thing of sheer beauty. The a cappella lyrics and background harmonies provide the perfect funky, soul influenced vibe that accompanies most productions by Kiwi Juice. One particular aspect we respect most about this remix to “Hurry On Now” is the minimalistic nature in which FKJ “touched-up” the original.

Now, that is not to say that plenty of time and effort didn’t go into producing this song. Based on the quality of the master, and vividness of each sample, I’d safely assume that creating this mix was no walk in the park. However, the elegance and grace that the track displays can be directly traced back to its simplicity.


Sub Focus – Close (Friend Within Remix)

Speak of the devil.

This is EXACTLY what were talking about right here.

About a year ago now, one of my best friends came back from studying abroad in Spain with a new style of EDM in which I was rather unacquainted. Apparently, all of the Dutch students (Remco Boers, this is your shout out) my buddy had befriended were simply obsessed with a new type of music. If you follow our site at all you just might notice our recent obsession with the multi-monikered genre: Future Bass. I must begrudgingly and embarrassingly admit that personally, I did not care for this sort of music at first. I certainly did not hate it however, I definitely did not love it as I do now. It will grow on you for sure.

However, to be completely honest, deciphering between genres in general is becoming the most tedious part involved in posting these great songs for you guys. Frankly speaking, it blows. Unfortunately, we feel as if we have to. This is what people want, classification.

Old-school EDM junkies will assuredly call this next song “Deep House” and new-age, Hip-hop influenced EDM producers might call it “Future Garage” or “Future Bass” due to the fact that it uses R&B vocals. From an outside perspective, I don’t believe there’s a goddamn difference between the two sometimes. Given EDM’s most recent all-out-attack on every other musical genre in existence, these lines are becoming less and less distinct as we press on through new releases.

Taking all of which I just stated into mind, we are left with one question now. “Who gives a fuck?”

Not us, and we hope for your own sake, not you.

Enjoy this next “Electronic” production of the musical variety from Liverpool native, Friend Within. Just a ‘lil sum sum to make ya bump this Monday afternoon.

Get down.

Big Gigantic – From Dusk Till Dawn [Free Download]

Everybody’s favorite saxophone wielding, electronic dance music sensations are back with a FREE album titled “The Night Is Young.” Frontman for the festival-smashing duo, Dominic Lalli, and drum aficionado, Jeremy Salken, of Big G have been steadily posting full-length tracks from the album on SoundCloud for about a month now (excluding “Touch the Sky”). If we are not mistaken, the latest jam, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” will be the fifth they have put up on the Cloud for fans and prospective listeners.

(This is where I try and convince you of the song’s legitimacy. However, it’s Big G were talking about here. I don’t need to do any of that.)

Stop in at Big Gigantic’s web site and download your free copy of “The Night Is Young” today:

Or if you’re feeling ultra lazy this Wednesday, you can just download your free copy of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” right here at Rager Onions.