Top 10 EDM Songs Released This Month (May 2014)

Do you like music? Nice, so do we.

That’s why instead of hitting up happy hour for some dirty flirtinis, we spent our entire Friday afternoon ferociously debating which new EDM tracks are the most trill. And by ‘most trill’, we mean the 10 songs that are not to be ignored – for any reason, other than if you peed your pants.

Then again, peeing your pants is cool.

So uhh…yah. You should listen to all of these songs.

10. Wielding their street sweeping beat, SNAILS is shooting “SLUGZ.”

9. Kill The Zo, ’nuff said.

8. Once you go Thomas Jack, you never go back.

7. There’s Goldfish, there’s Koi, and then there’s this song.

6. It’s an Audien “Revolution.” We’re just living in it.

5. No, no “Ice Cream Sound.” Not until you eat your vegetables.

4. Remaining static will be a problem for die-hard fans of The Knocks. We present, “Move Me.”

3. Porter Robinson unveils another revolutionary chapter in his pièce de résistance, the “Sad Machine.”

2. Complete satiation thanks to the trio that is Nero.

1. Welcome insomnia. You won’t stop listening to this…not even for sleep.









The Rise of SNAILS: An Underground Tale (Bass Music)

Bass music. Yea, it’s a thing.

And fortunately for you youngsters out there with your eardrums still intact, there’s an artist in the midst of a meteoric rise to fame in the world of EDM.

His name is SNAILS, and he’s here to blast you in the face with his monster bass. The Montreal native recently released his new SLUGZ EP on Kannibalen Records. With mastering skills like these, it’s no wonder that this formerly underground producer has finally come out of his shell.

With support from the likes of Datsik and Skrillex, the name SNAILS has popped up on a number of our radars (we have over 2,000 radars stationed worldwide). Personally, we cannot get enough of this unique take on dub-style bass music.

We look forward to future releases from this talented and mysterious producer.