Mondays Blow. This Playlist However, Does Not.

Below we have included a cornucopia of next-level EDM tunes (categorized by genre) that we simply did not have the time to post over the last month or so. Time is a precious thing, as you all know. Unfortunately, we seem to have less of it as each day progresses onto the next. It sucks really.

Which brings me to my next point, anyone looking for a job???

Email us. We sure as hell could use the help around here.

Oh, and no fat chicks. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Dubstep/Drumstep: Trap: Future Shit: House and House Derivatives: Glitch Hop: Drum and Bass:

The Top 10 Songs from January 2014 [EDM]

10. ilan Bluestone continues to represent the future of Anjunabeats.

9. Why does Monstercat command our Top 10? Because of songs like this one from Case & Point.

8. Throttle continues to dominate every remix he touches. Has somebody signed this phenom yet? It’s about time.

7. Kygo creates music for two circumstances: at the beach and in the bedroom. Or in the bedroom at the beach. Or at the beach in the bedroom.

6. First a Grammy and now this!? Is Zedd a human?

5. Fareoh makes his return with quite possibly his finest production yet.

4. WARNING: This song must be heard on bass defying speakers. Thank you Direct for the forewarning.

3. Can you say chill? SLDGHMR can, in twenty different languages.

2. Savoy released their first full length album titled, Self Predator. This particular single happens to be our favorite. Albeit the decision was not an easy one…

1. Remember the name LAZER LAZER LAZER.