Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 7: Jingle Troll Rock [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Jingle Troll, Jingle Troll, Jingle Troll Rock…

The Chicago native trifecta known by all as Krewella is back, serving up another fresh edition to their famous “Troll Mix” series. The holidays are just around the corner and the Krew thought it appropriate to title this hour long mix, “Jingle Troll Rock.”

This will be Jahan, Yasmin and the Rain Man’s seventh installment to their mix tape series, and it just may be the best one yet. It all just goes to show why Krewella is one of the most recognizable names in electronic dance music today. With unprecedented releases, engrossing live sets with vocals and a gigantic following in the United States, this trio of producers is sure to be the face of EDM in 2014.

Happy Holidays from our crew here at Rager Onions (see what we did there? subtle.)


Skrillex -­‐ Scatta (dead robot’s Drumstep bootleg)
Skism -­‐ Rave Review (ak9’s in your face mix)
The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag -­‐ sedated (barely alive remix)
The Prototypes -­‐ Suffocate vip
Knife party -­‐ LRAD (The Prototypes Booty Call).
Krewella -­‐ One Minute (Dotexe’s dopest dope remix)
Far Too Loud -­‐ Trailmixing.
Apollo feat. amba shepherd (Noisecontrollers remix)
Unknown -­‐ Cant Control myself.
Showtek -­‐ Booyah (Cash Cash remix)
Krewella -­‐ Live for the night (xilent remix)
Organ Donors -­‐ Mach 2 (shuse & ryoji takahashi remix)
Organ Donors -­‐ Devolution (Anne Savage remix)
Krewella -­‐ Alive (Rebourne Remix)
FTampa -­‐ Hero
Alex Kidd -­‐ Tiptoes
John Newman -­‐ Love Me Again (kove remix)
Krewella -­‐ Dancing With The Devil
Twinz Beatz -­‐ Kronos (tb bass so hard remix)
Nicky Romero feat. Krewella -­‐ Legacy (Candyland’s OG remix)
Krewella -­‐ We Are One (DMNDZ remix)

Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo | Boneless Remix EP

Well America, summer has come and gone yet again, which is hard to believe when the temperature gage in my car flashed 95 degrees two days in a row.  According to our calendar (iCal), we have officially entered a new season. But is that really a bad thing? The beginning of Fall in Chicago represents a few key components: football on the weekends, jeans all day er’ day, Halloween, and arguably the best month for live EDM shows, October.

Speaking of EDM, Steve Aoki just released a remix EP of his summer jam, ‘Boneless‘. The first track comes from master producers and fellow Dim Mak members, Keys N Krates. The trio has been busy in 2013, already releasing their popular trap single, ‘Treat Me Right‘, as well as gearing up for their new EP, Solow.

The second remix provides a completely different take on the original. Ookay has only produced music for a year, but this talented DJ/producer has gained notoriety because of the energy he brings to his live sets. While already accumulating an impressive SoundCloud following as well as associating himself with names like Borgore, Flosstradamus, and Showtek, it seems like Ookay has his head screwed on straight.

Keep it up son, and maybe we’ll get you one of these.

(Old man puts out hand to show high school football state championship ring.)

(Ookay looks down at the ring, looks back up, and walks away.)

(NEW) Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson – ‘Booyah’ [Hardstyle]

Once again, the Showtek brothers show us why they reign supreme as ‘The Kings of Hardstyle House’.

Ever since their hit single ‘Get Loose’ blew up the EDM blogosphere a few months back, we’ve been waiting ever so patiently for another epic release. ‘Booyah’ starts off with a reggae-infused intro that stems from the standard club theme lyrics. Think Bob Marley meets this guy:


The leading synth develops into a ‘Melbourne Bounce’ style rhythm that causes even the heaviest of women to casually jump (or move all body parts up and down simultaneously to give the effect of jumping). But be careful! Not because of the heavy-set women attempting to jump, but because this song is catchier than that inflamed lip of herpes you made out with last weekend during the six day ‘4th of July’ celebration.