Savant | [New] Orakel (Album Teaser)


Under normal conditions, we feel as if posting previews to future releases is frivolous, a needless waste of everyone’s time. But, every once in a great while, we believe that posting these aptly titled “teasers” plays a vital role in introducing our listeners to new and unprecedented electronic music sounds.

As you all should have already come to grips with Aleksander Vinter, or Savant, as he magnanimously goes by, is an enigma. There is absolutely no producer, let alone person in the entire world that possesses these kind of musical skill-sets, manifesting themselves in Savant’s uncanny ability to understand, envision, create and revolutionize electronic music as we naively claim to know it.

Raising a cult following of fans from the dead is no simple task, but Aleks has effortlessly accumulated an undying horde of zombie-like followers with the help of his ungodly rate of production, unique, trans-genre nostalgic style of electronic music, and child-like authenticity displayed in his character and overall outlook on life. For this Rager, nothing rings more true than an authentic person; Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, is humility and authenticity incarnate. He wakes up each day and produces the future of electronic music for YOU the listener. What else could a fan ask for?

Well, we at Rager Onions would like to tip our hats to this true Savant. The inspiration, motivation and courage he perpetually displays gives us another reason to wake up each day and surmount the comparatively less challenging obstacles we all encounter.

The full version of Savant’s forthcoming masterpiece “Orakel” is set to drop December 11th on SectionZ Records.


*Rager Onions Exclusive* | Tenkai – Rise Up (Ωhmtrix Remix)

Over the past year or so we have had the pleasure of getting to know a few of the big players overs at SectionZ Records and several of the abnormally talented musicians they represent (Savant, Kaster, City 17, Soulero). However, there still remains numerous artists on the SectionZ lineup that we have not had the chance to premier for you, the listener.

Well, it would seem today is your lucky day.

Shannon and Josh over at SectionZ have been around the EDM block so to speak, a few times actually. Not only are they super easy to work and collaborate with, but these two instantly know great music when they hear it. Together, the two coagulate their years of experience and the relationships formed therein to represent, support and foster musicians with an overwhelming sense of musicality and depth of production. This next artist, Ωhmtrix (pronounced “ohm-tricks”) is no exception as you will soon see.

For those of you who haven’t been required to complete two frivolous semesters of introductory physics in order to get into pharmacy school, an “Ohm” is the international system of units used to “measure electrical resistance between two points of a conductor”, represented by the symbol ‘Ω’. If you’ve ever taken a look at the inner workings of an electrical device, you bet your ass you’ve seen a “resistor”, the passive component that “implements electrical resistance as a circuit element”.

Speaking of measuring electrical resistance, this London based producer has a new album coming out on November 11th. And wouldn’t you know it; Ωhmtrix has aptly titled the release Measure of Resistance. Very clever Sam.

SectionZ has again bestowed upon us the honor of premiering an exclusive track from another one of their musicians who is far ahead of the production learning curve. This time it’s Ωhmtrix’s remix to Tenkai’s complextro track “Rise Up”.

On this jam, Ωhmtrix recycles those original, soulful lyrics from Tenkai’s mix to to bring about this inspirational feeling when paired with the addition of Sam’s glitching, modulated bass exploration. Honestly, it sounds like our subwoofer is trying to speak to us with the way that Ωhmtrix has distorted each successive bass’ utterance.

Ωhmtrix has put together a laundry list of stellar tracks, fit for any dance floor or intimate setting. With the help of live instrumentals and the raw power of drum and bass, breakbeats and dubstep, Sam Wheeler has applied his dark, almost cinematic touch to every song on Measure of Resistance. Each recording seems to paint a picture or set a particular scene within the listener’s imagination. Seriously, this shit is reflective and deep as hell. As far as you and I are concerned, it’s certified, Rager Approved.

As we have stated previously, the full album is set to drop November 11th on SectionZ Records. So, watch out! And of course, enjoy.

If you dig, follow SectionZ and Ωhmtrix on SoundCloud, the greatest website in existence. Well, besides Reddit that is.

SectionZ’s ‘Fresh Volume 2’ | Exclusive Artist Interview w/ TUNEDEF


Our friends over at SectionZ are churning out what we believe to be some of the most versatile and progressive electronic music around. With the second installment of their compilation series titled SectionZ Fresh, Josh and Shannon are offering EDM fans a taste of the future, a taste of something different. With their label’s motto in mind, Excellence Over Genre, these next nine tracks act as a tribute to a group of relatively unknown producers who properly exhibit the aforementioned skill set.

Regardless of genre or style, SectionZ has the ability to seek out producers who display the only quality that matters when producing EDM, musicality. A quick glance at their roster would immediately corroborate this fact (with Savant being the most glaring example). With all of the experience under their belt, Z and Shannon have gone ahead and compiled another set of excellent electronic music tracks featuring producers that you need to know.

Notable jams on their most recent compilation include: ‘Plux’ by TUNEDEF, ‘Turquoise’ by Prismatic, ‘Unforgiven’ by Portanexus and ‘Bale’ by Mosen. But don’t get us wrong, every single track on this album is worth a listen. In fact, we actually had the chance to sit down with an artist of our choosing from SectionZ’s latest edition of Fresh for an in depth interview. After several thorough listens, we decided to have a chat with New York native TUNEDEF in order to give our listeners more insight into the artist behind Plux, our favorite track on the compilation.


Rager Onion Exclusive Artist Spotlight & Interview – TUNEDEF


We had the privilege of sitting down with Phil Kirsanov who produces electronic music under the moniker TUNEDEF. Besides being a regular 20 year old college bro who currently attends The College of New Jersey, Phil has always been into music. He started playing piano at the age of 4 and grew up listening to current and classic video game soundtracks.

His first taste of EDM came in the form of a virtual “radio station” that aired on the video game Grand Theft Auto 3. Users were allowed to switch between various genres of stations while using a vehicle in the game, the channel in particular which caught the ear of Phil was titled MSX. It featured mostly drum and bass and jungle music.

However, it wasn’t until about three to four years ago when this infatuation with electronic music was realized in the form of music production on FL Studio.

“I saw some ‘Strobe‘ remixes on YouTube and thought the program looked fun.”

So, like many young producers these days, Phil Kirsanov began to develop his sound on his own, learning more and more as time passed. Using a “studio” that consists of his headphones and computer, TUNEDEF has been creating music and funding his efforts out of his own pocket. The good news here being that his hard work has payed off.

Catching the attention of the crew over at SectionZ with a demo of his single ‘Plux’, Phil’s track was selected to be featured on their most recent release of their compilation series. The progressive label goes on to state, “We chose this music because we believe they [the artists] represent change in the face of formulaic EDM, some because of style, others because of attitude, but in the end, they all represent the three pillars of what we look for in musicians.”

We wonder, under which of these pillars does TUNEDEF rest?

And in regards to genre, Phil has found the right home in SectionZ Records. From his roots in producing Drum and Bass and Liquid, TUNEDEF has progressed to incorporate sounds of almost any style. Mr. Kirsanov states,

My productions change as my taste in music changes. I just try and make music in the style I would want to listen to. When I make music, I don’t have a set idea of what I want to end up with. The songs tend to change a lot while I am producing them. As an example, I just tried to make something trance-like, but instead it ended up have a half-step drum pattern.”

With a stamp of approval from one of the most knowledgeable labels around, TUNEDEF is headed down the right path as 2013 heads into the latter half. We look forward to hearing more from electronic producer Phil Kirsanov out of the big apple (perhaps in the form of an upcoming release? *hint hint*). Until that day comes, we’ve shared a few of his jams that we truly dig. Give them a listen, and be sure to drop by TUNEDEF’s various social media pages to gesture your virtual approval.




SectionZ Fresh Volume 2:

Various awesome TUNEDEF tracks: