Spencer Brown | Ascension/Lockout EP [*Artists Spotlight*]

Interestingly enough, one of my colleague’s clairvoyant articles regarding “5 Songs To Remind Us Why EDM is the Future of Music” had indeed taken a gaze into a subsequent moment in time (now) and spotlighted this next artist, Spencer Brown, who is currently being championed by none other than EDM legend, Avicii.

Working closely with the Swedish progressive house master himself and the newly established record company founded by Ash Pournouri, PRMD (pronounced “pyramid”), Spencer Brown is certainly off on the right foot when it comes to developing his sound and exposing it to the world. We found Ash to be an especially compelling individual, making the Billboard’s list of Most Influential Dance Music Executives last year. Apparently the man owns a night club, manages artists, owns a new music label and is still working as an attorney by day. Damn, talk about motivated.

Spencer has always found a certain comfortability around music. Taking root in playing the drum and percussion, he eventually transition to the realm of music production, where his creativeness could firmly solidify and precipitate in the form of hip-hop and dubstep productions (inspired by the Dallas scene at that time).

At this point in time Mr. Brown was operating under the alias “Spenca”, garnering support from artists like Rusko, Bassnectar, Kill The Noise and Datsik. After releasing a few tracks on Firepower Records, Spencer Brown had a change of heart. For some time now, he had become increasingly interested with an entirely different and more subtle style of electronic dance music: House.

Determined to change the face of progressive house music, Spencer has said to have had a life-changing epiphany while experiencing a show by Eric Prydz in 2012. Spencer has now began to produce music under his full name with his premier release, “Echoes”, debuting on PRMD a few months ago. Today, with the help of Avicii, Spencer dropped his first EP under PRMD featuring two brand new tracks called “Ascension” and “Lockout.” Call this writer a fool, but it seems awfully coincidental that these were two of the greatest maps on the best FPS video game of all time: the Halo series.

Both tracks definitely bring about a slight Avicii-esque vibe, but they are whole-heartedly unique in their own right. We are particularly enamored with Spencer’s airy, stratospheric synthesizers. The first song “Ascension” has this funky feel throughout the intro that gracefully decays and slowly culminates into a beautiful build that regresses back to the introductory sounds. “Lockout” is assuredly our favorite of the two pieces. Here, Mr. Brown utilizes those resounding synthesizers we mentioned earlier to create a curiously euphoric aura set for some distant, deep-space planet. When this thing drops, every listener (and their mother) deserves to jump on board. It will be a wild ride.

We look forward to seeing what else this young talent from Dallas has to offer. With Ash and Tim by his side helping him along the way, there is absolutely no way Spencer Brown can go wrong.

Cheers mates.

Rusko – Lift Me Up EP [HEAVY][OUT NOW]

It’s here, it’s here. We can all wet our beaks, so to speak.

Rusko is back in (the bass) business with his latest EP release titled, Lift Me Up. 

EP’s always lift our spirits, because they usually lead to one thing: a new record. Fans of Christopher Mercer will be pleased to hear the very same up-tempo, eclectic style of EDM that they have grown to love. Rusko is among the kings in Drum and Bass, and his latest EP only exacerbates this fact.

The chopped vocals performed by Claes Rosen and hybridized by Chris on ‘Starlight’ are entrancingly captivating. Truly impressive from this D&B phenom. The song is purely seraphic. Of course, we are also partial to the song that this EP is named after, ‘Lift Me Up.’ That’s why we posted on it last week. Duh.

Finally, Rusko offers fans a real fresh third track titled ‘Murda Sound’. Hopefully, there will be more to come from Rusko in the near future.

Until then, eat your Cheerios.

Everybody Needs Rusko Love – Lift Me Up [OWSLA][HEAVY]

It’s about that time again. We know Christopher William Mercer is a busy man. But hey – Rusko has got to please his millions of insatiable fans.

We here at Rager Onions needed some love from our favorite transposed artist, hailing from Leeds and now producing his killer beats out of Los Angeles.

In our opinion, Rusko’s name would be mentioned among the latest and greatest EDM studs in the game. His loud, in-your-face style of music has been captivating dance floors across the world, while also testing the structural viability of every club he plays in. We saw Chris on New Years Eve in Chicago a few years back and let us tell you, it was nothing but incredible. They actually filmed the music video for his jam ‘Somebody To Love‘ that night. Go ahead and check that out while you’re at it, hilarious.

His latest release ‘Lift Me Up‘ is a Drum and Bass lovers dream. The vocals on Rusko’s latest single from The Mothership (aka OWSLA) are chopped and re-arranged perfectly while still managing to sound hauntingly elegant when left intact.

Hope you brought your crazy pills. You’re gonna need ’em. The track will be up for grabs July 2nd.