Zomboy | Reanimated EP [Part 1 & 2]


After kicking off the announcement of his brand new EP with a more than worthy mini-mix, Zomboy and his co-labels Never Say Die/No Tomorrow have offered fans a full glimpse of each track on SoundCloud. For whatever reason, only the first part of this EP can be found on Never Say Die Record’s SC. However, the second part of Zomboy’s EP can be streamed via the SoundCloud of NSD’s sister label, No Tomorrow Recordings. But, lucky for you Ragers, we have localized the full Reanimated EP right here.

This highly anticipated release from UK bass master Joshua Jenkins (aka Zomboy) lives up to all the hype. We are particularly infatuated with his single ‘Bad Intentions’, which was also found on Zomboy’s mix from last week. The song hits harder than Mayweather on fight night. It left us craving the weekend despite the fact that it is only Monday. Oh well.

Either way, the Reanimated EP is yet another testament to the skills possessed by this young talent. As always, we look forward to hearing more from Josh.

Show your support for Zombeezy by purchasing the record from iTunes or Beatport. The links to which can be found below.

iTunes: bit.ly/17kbwto

Beatport: btprt.dj/17PjzeB

Deluxe Fan Pack: bit.ly/1abQfG3

No Tomorrow Volume 8 Mix | Zomboy

Remaining relatively quiet for the past couple of months in terms of releases, one of our favorite British dub-stepping acts, Zomboy, is back with a new mix brought to you by No Tomorrow Recordings.

Joshua Jenkins aka Zomboy has been reinventing the genre of bass music for the past year or so. Utilizing complex, uptempo rhythms, lyrical reggae influences, and quintessential bass modulation,  Josh’s production method remains relatively unmatched in his realm of EDM. We couldn’t be more excited to hear any forthcoming original tracks or remixes he has to give us, his biggest fans (no, really, we are).

To satiate the cravings of his rabid fan base, Zomboy has given us a 24 minute mini-mix to tide us over until he releases his new EP titled Reanimated, out September 9th of this year. Luckily, twenty odd minutes was all Mr. Jenkins needed to pick our asses up this Thursday afternoon. And be sure to check out Josh’s latest original mix, titled Raptor, which appears as the final track on this set.

Track List:

Zomboy – Vancouver Beatdown
Knife Party – Power Glove
Skrillex – Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix)
Zero Hero – Theme
Astronaut – Apollo (Electro Mix)
Knife Party – LRAD
Martin Garrix – Animals
Carnage Ft. New & Used – Signal
Zomboy – Bad Intensions
Karetus -Rave On!
Schoolboy – Aftershock
Skrillex & The Doors – Breakn’ a Sweat (Zedd Remix)
Knife Party – EDM Death Machine
Dog Blood – Middle Finger
Blake McGrath – Motion Picture (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
Zomboy – Raptor