Monstercat 017 – Ascension Ascends the Label Even Further

Over the past two years, we have watched this next label transform from the likes of a promising, transgenre EDM collective with loads of potential into the fierce jungle feline you see before you today.

Monstercat is most certainly where it’s at when discussing labels that have set the tone for the next few years of electronic dance music releases.

How, you ask?

Well, that next part is a bit tricky.

To begin, this Vancouver-based music label has elucidated talents from some of the most unheard of, eclectic groups of musicians in all of dance music. Not only have they championed said undiscovered artists onto the scene, but these new talents have proceeded to swell their fair share of waves in this vastly expanding ocean we affectionately refer to as the “EDM-o-sphere.” A quick glance at the “current roster” on the official Monstercat web page will reveal a staggering number of widely popular producers you may not have necessarily associated with MCat.

7 Minutes DeadAstronautAu5BrakenCase & PointDirectDotEXEDzeko & TorresDroptekFalcon FunkFavrightFractalHaywyreHellburgInsan3lik3KrewellaLets Be FriendsMr FijiwijiNoisestormPIXLPegboard NerdsProject 46, Rameses B, RazihelRogueSouleroSplitbreedStephen WalkingThrottleTristamTut Tut ChildVarien and Vicetone.

(Just to name a few of our favorites.)

However, words will only get us so far. You need to HEAR what we mean.

Without hesitation, the fat cats over at MC have released their 17th compilation LP to date. So far, “Monstercat 017 – Ascension” has garnered attention from every corner of the EDM world, making this their most supported album to date! With a four-hour laundry list of tracks, fantastic production quality throughout, and loads of prodigal EDM producers on top of it all, Monstercat presents to you a release that will only serve to exacerbate their stranglehold on the EDM industry.

Keep it up boys and girls.

Astronaut Remix Contest [Monstercat]


Our feline friends over at Monstercat and newly acquainted tandem of producers known as Astronaut will be holding a remix competition for Astro’s latest electro house release titled “Rain.” This monster(cat) of a track is currently featured on Dan and Rossy-B’s Quantum EP which recently dropped (January 13th) and is, in this bloggers opinion, top notch overall. A real solid and highly remix-able (for any genre) EP in our professional opinion.

This remix competition held my Monstercat will run through Midnight (GMT) on Sunday, February 9th. Submissions must be uploaded to the contestant’s SoundCloud and then posted as a link on Monstercat’s wall on Facebook. Winners will earn a place amongst the other seasoned veteran producers who will also have their hand in revamping this track.


No, not this one. Idiot.

How could you be so stupid? Does your brain even function?

In the meantime, give a listen to Astronaut’s Quantum EP in order to earn yourself some of those good vibes before locking yourself in your room until early February. Not leaving to bathe or go to work/school. You won’t even be leaving for your mandatory court date. Probably a bad move, but that old lady had it coming…

And as long as you’re wasting time and making bad choices, how about taking a gander at Astronaut’s official UKF music video for their single “Radar,” which includes sporadic and insightful “behind the scenes” commentary from Ross and Dan themselves. Pretty dope.