Humpday Mixes Vol. 2 (Tritonal, Eric Prydz, Pierce Fulton)

It’s that time of the week again.

Here’s a few of our favorite sets, mixes, and compilations from the past week. Tritonal starts us off with their 17th version of ‘Tritonia’, a trance-based mix featuring some of Chad and Dave’s favorite songs from the past month.

Next up, take a journey into Pryda with the man, the myth, the legend, Eric Prydz. This particular set was recorded live last week at Privilege in Ibiza for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Week. Just press play, and kiss the next hour and a half goodbye.

And last but certainly not least is the latest from our favorite bro Pierce Fulton. Last night Pierce, Charlie Darker, Popeska, Audien, DallasK, Walden, and Something Good put on a live web concert on Spotify titled ‘Get Weird’. While only Pierce has uploaded his set, we are hoping for the other artists to follow in his footsteps. Check after the break for a free download!

(NEW) Pryda: ‘Rotonda’ [HAPPY]

After giving us ‘Layers’ last month, Eric Prydz has released a four minute version of his latest progressive house masterpiece, ‘Rotonda’. The Swedish born now L.A. living producer somehow finds the time to consistently produce quality music at a rate rarely seen in EDM today. Artists often release their music before it’s actually ready to be heard by the general public, denying the listener and the artist of their full potential. His music is legendary and second to none, and it only takes one listen to get hooked on his unique, layered composition style.

Make sure to buy the full version when it’s released Monday, June 24th.

And if you download it for free, expect a phone call from Liam Nelson saying something like this.

L.A.’s Finest Swede: Eric Prydz –Power Drive–[Happy]

Many people, from all ends of the earth, ask us – “Who is the greatest producer in the world?”

Some say Eric Prydz might just be at the top of that list. We say it’s pretty damn close.

After his latest Essential Mix (with Pete Tong) trended globally on Twitter, Pryda has released another impeccable production, ‘Power Drive’, out now on Pryda Recordings. An April Fool’s Day release immediately insinuated some sort of un-parallel universe where Eric Prydz is not in fact the hottest DJ out there.

But we were wrong. Typical Eric.