Monstercat 015 – Outlook [Artist Compilation]

Everybody’s favorite Canadian label is back at it again, compiling another showcase featuring a slew of the up and coming talent Monstercat Media has to offer. We have said it before, but we might as well say it again. Monstercat Records has a knack for unearthing some of the most progressive and undiscovered EDM artists we have the pleasure of stumbling upon. Thus proving yet again that independent labels (especially given today’s EDM climate) possess “the ability to reshape the music industry landscape, while [still] supporting up and coming musicians”.

Monstercat’s outlook on their role in the electronic dance music community is certainly something to be admired. While the larger labels bank off of seasoned producers guaranteed to rake in the cash with each successive release, Monstercat Media nobly adheres to the road less traveled, championing an audience for those producers hiding in the weeds. Speaking of Outlook, that just so happens to be the name of their 15th compilation release. You see? It all comes full circle here.

Notable tracks from this spectacular, two and half hour showcase of EDM prowess include: Rogue‘s out-of-this-world release “From the Dust” (which is featured on his brand new EP), glitch-hop sensation Haywyre‘s “Back and Forth” from his A Song Per Week series, and Hellberg, Teqq and Taylr Renee‘s massive progressive house smash “Air” (we are particularly infatuated with this one).

To be completely honest, selecting a couple tracks we especially like is total bull shit. Every single track on Monstercat’s release of Outlook is worthy of it’s place on the compilation. Without those furry felines hailing from Vancouver, we would never have been introduced to artists like Favright, Rameses B, Mr Fijiwiji, Insan3Lik3, Project 46, 7 Minutes Dead, Stephen Walking, Fractal, Televisor, Eminence and Soulero (who all happen to have at least one jam on this CD).

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9 Ass-Kicking EDM Running Songs: It’s Getting Cold Edition [Musical Adrenaline]


I guess you could call this list a fan favorite.

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At Rager Onions, we’re not about joking around. We’re about giving back. And since we’re already fighting the war on poverty, we try to support the community’s mental health. And nothing bumps the stress like breaking a sweat. And what do you need to break a sweat? Some musical adrenaline.

So here you go, nine more ideal songs for an ass-kicking run. Throw on a sweatshirt, take a step outside, and suck in a cold, deep breath of that bitter Chicago air.

Flip on your hood. Flip on these songs. And most importantly, flip off everyone you run by.

Because whoever they are, they secretly hate you.

9 Ass-Kicking Songs To Run To:

1. Felguk – Loudblue
Start things off right. Believe me, you’ll wake up somewhere near the 1:30 mark.

2. Zedd – Stay The Night (ft. Hayley Williams)
I really hope Kiss FM doesn’t butcher this like they did ‘Clarity’. But let’s be very clear, this new track featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore is legendary. Simply legendary.

3. Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance
A phenomenal collaboration with an epic intro, and a melody that becomes more and more captivating with every play.

4. Sultan + Ned Shepard – All These Roads (ft. Zella Day & Sam Martin)
Cause: Avicii essentially invents folk-house.
Effect: Sultan+Ned Shepard drop an absolute stunner.

5. Cash Cash – Overtime
We’re all in on Cash Cash.

6. Katy Perry – Roar (dBerrie ‘Plurred Out’ Remix)
D0n’t let another radio-favorite scare you away. Because if I was a girl, I would totally listen to this awesome remix.

7. Favright – Green Storm
Spook, sexy, and bad for sneakers.

8. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (Spag Heddy Ft. Nassim Arastoopour Cover)
Everybody has guilty pleasures. Miley Cyrus just turns hers into chart-topping singles.

P.S. It’s a remix. So don’t feel too guilty.

9. Imagine Dragon – It’s Time (Kat Krazy Remix)
I’ve been all Kat Krazy lately (actually I fucking hate cats). But you’ll be an instant sucker for these fist-pumping vocals, kindly provided by one of the hottest names in music: Imagine Dragons. Add an irresistible melody from an absolute up-and-comer, and you’ll hear why I saved the best for last.

Just try to keep up.

Chicken Soup for the Raver Soul [Weekly Sets]

Hungover still?

Us too….

Maybe this will help jumpstart your miserable Monday.

1. Group Therapy 051 w/ Above & Beyond and Mat Zo.

2. Tritonia 028

3. Tom Swoon Live at RMF MAXXX (11/02/2013)

4. Project 46 – Pancake Radio 007

5. Bombs Away – November Mix

6. Kairo Kingdom – We Are Friends Vol. 2