Nostalgia – Corruption EP [Play Me]

If we are not mistaken, the last time we received a proper dose of good, old-fashion Nostalgia, it was on Andew’s reinvention (VIP) of his original production, “The Hero,” an homage to the classic, 8-bit theme song from the Zelda video game series. This time however, we’ve got four times the filthy bass in the form of four tracks comprising his brand new “Corruption EP”, which dropped on Play Me Records February 24th.

Nostalgia certainly seems to be making great strides as a composer. Upon glancing over the past year or so of music on Andrew Hill’s SoundCloud, a close examination of his tunes will prove this, as will a quick listen to his new EP, “Corruption.” Drawing influence from all corners of the dark, heavy bass-driven realm of the electronic dance music world, Nostalgia has stepped up his game in a fashion less resemblant of his name and former chip-tunesque motif.

Personal favorite: “Bad Machine (The Other Side VIP)” – includes an incredibly euphonic, high-pitched, synthesizer whine that blasts straight out of your speakers and fills the room with physiology-altering static.

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Spag Heddy | Pink Koeks EP [*Certified Onions*]

Our favorite master of disaster, the up and coming dubstep sensation Mischa Reining aka Spag Heddy has been unstoppable lately. By utilizing uncanny chord progression and compositional variance, his signature squealing, yet shockingly dulcet modulated synthesizer and some of the most crisp, hard-hitting kicks we have ever heard, Spag demonstrates many of the necessary components exhibited by a great producer. His jams are intense as hell, fun as fuck and always of the highest professional quality.

Among his recent volley of top-notch bangers, Spag Heddy just released his very own two track EP titled Pink Koeks. The disappointingly short-tracked release sadly only features two productions. However, after giving both “Pink Koeks” (a quintessential dub track from Spag alongside that paradoxically euphonious synth we just drool over) and “Spunk Moovs” (a nice change of pace from Mischa in the form of some glitch hop insanity) a listen, you will be satisfied with what you have been given.

The EP is out now via Play Me Records and can be picked up for a nominal fee at ye olde Beatport.

Oh yeah, and you can listen to both tracks for free, RIGHT HERE.

Humpday Dubstep Massacre [Beats on Beats]

Here we are again, stuck in between that day of the week that we all dread, Monday and the ever so sweet day of liberation we all warmly welcome as Friday. What could be worse?

Oh yeah, it could be Monday again, good point.

Anywho, you’ve stuck it out and successfully made it halfway to the weekend, so we thought a little reward was in order – a recompense in the form of hefty doses of dub to get you going this Humpday. It has been clinically shown that blasting a banger a day, will keep the doctor (and pretty much everyone over the age of 30) away. Well, in this case, several ragers today aim to alleviate any work-related dismay.


All glory to the Chipnotoad!

Another substantial helping of Spag Heddy and Meatballs.

Wah-Doo-Day-Ah-Doo-Day (you’ll see…)

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ Teddy…cause they killin’ everyone one out here.

Another great one from Culture Code.