A Change of Pace…No, Literally [Slowed Reaktion Time]


Matt Mayo of Bedfordshire, Britain (UK) is perhaps one of the most intriguing new producers we have had the privilege of stumbling upon. Besides producing some of the most emotive Drum and Bass jams we have ever heard, we strongly admire the maxim or motto Reaktion has synthesized to describe his production method and overall attitude towards life. “EZ,” presumably pronounced “easy”, has an enigmatic definition of sorts, but we think the word applies best when listening to Matt’s music.

According to Reaktion’s SoundCloud, “ez” can mean anything and everything. However, Matt finds the exact definition can be found most appropriately in an ancient Greek saying, “σιγά, σιγά” or “slowly, slowly.” When considering giving a listen to these next few tracks off “Ephemera,” the latest EP release from Reaktion, you absolutely MUST: “take your time, relax, and keep it cool.”

You know how we do, real “ez.”

In an EDM world where almost every other producer is concerned with delivering a “fat drop” onto their audience, Matt Mayo of Reaktion offers fans a change of pace. Each track off “Ephemera EP” comes with a slow, progressive, and introspective build that lightly floats the listener across a whimsical, highly piano-infused drum and bass dream-state. This EP fits perfectly for a late night studying cram session or even a reflective cruise home after a wild night of raging.

We hope you enjoy the “Ephemera EP” by Reaktion.

Just A Gent & Kasbo – Sovereign (feat. Jon) [LoveTrap] [FREE]

Just when you thought that the stagnant pool we all know as trap music couldn’t get any more watered down or intolerable, our friend Jacob Grant aka Just A Gent has come to save the day with his buddy Kasbo. Their new jam, “Sovereign” is exactly what the realm of trap music needs: a change of pace. Appropriately labeling the genre of this song as “LoveTrap.” Just A Gent, along with Kasbo, have taken a bold step outside of what is “acceptable” and produced a track that exhibits the mere fact that trap is not lost or dead, just misdirected for the moment.

Please, don’t get us wrong: we like trap music here at @RagerOnions. We just feel as if it has unfortunately taken the place of dubstep production in America; constantly being imitated while rarely going above and beyond in terms of advancement in production technique.

Using harmonious violin and piano arrangements, Jacob Grant has caused us to question exactly what makes up a trap song. Typically, you cannot listen to a trap production without hearing an unnecessary complex of snare and somewhat obnoxious and repetitious lyrical samples. Just A Gent has thrown the standard formula by the wayside on “Sovereign” and included emotive vocals along with melodic, stratospheric synthesizer arrangements to make the entire jam sound incredible. Big ups to Just A Gent and Kasbo for this original mix.

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Mr. Bill and Haywyre – Dress Codes [Instrumental Glitch][FREE]

The latest project from Mr. Bill known as ‘The Collaborative Endeavors – A Glitch Opera’ is a 19 track masterpiece composed of joint efforts from Mr. Bill and select artists of his choosing. Since April 1st, 2013 one track has been released per week to create this massive collaboration. The final track, a match up between Mr. Bill and Haywyre, is an instrumental glitch-hop track worthy of several listens.

Mr. Bill states on his artist page that his music is based on evocation. He enjoys creating music that ‘excites the ear and the brain’. In order to do this, he utilizes a vast range of “strange” production methods and musical theories in order to create these unique sounds. His sound is characterized by unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with “a large dash of palatable melodic content.” We can get down to that for sure.

On the other end of this collaboration, we have Martin Vogt, aka, Haywyre. Martin has been studying piano since the age of six and became enthralled with the idea of production ever since he was introduced to jazz and hip-hop while living in Australia. After moving back to the US (Minneapolis), Haywyre was born. Using the piano as his main compositional tool, Martin utilizes memorable jazz and classical influences to craft melodically unique electronic jams.

The progression of this song is a force to be reckoned with. One listen will immediately get you hooked on this track. The glitch hop technique is executed brilliantly with the use of non-electronic instruments such as the guitar and bass. DO NOT pass this one up. You will indeed regret it.