Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night (TBMA Remix) [FREE]

Yes, yes, we all know how good the original was. However, a jam like “Stay The Night” by Zedd and Hayley Williams of Paramore will only solidify a spot for itself amongst other epic, pop EDM anthems by continuing to spawn fantastic remixes by other artists interested in providing their own stylistic take on the hyper-malleable, universally adored original. We do not fear this will be a problem at all for this song.

Want proof?

Take this next example from The Bolivian Marching Affair or TBMA as they liked to be referred to as. Hailing from both Boston and The District of Columbia, Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher, and Chris Curran of TBMA have killed it on their complextro dubstep remix to “Stay The Night.” Utilizing the original, incredibly powerful and reverberative vocals by Hayley Williams (but with a modulated twist), the boys have applied their own brand of uptempo, sample heavy beats to synthesize a great remix.

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Paramore | Still Into You (Synchronice Remix) [FREE]

A few short hours ago, the production duo known as Synchronice, which consists of brothers Will and James Saulsky, released a particularly banging remix to a pop-punk original by none other than Paramore.

The Synchro-Bros have done a superb job in chopping up the original dulcet vocals from pseudo-punk legend Haley Williams into an entirely different beautiful beast. Apparently, when she’s not accidentally tweeting pictures of her jugs, she’s recording some pretty boss vocals. And yes, that happened.

Try and keep up.

Nearly anyone that has been in any sort of relationship involving a significant other can relate to Haley’s words as they elegantly echo amongst the melodic dub provided by the touch of Synchronice. The loud, in-your-face dose of bass compounded by Will and James allows the track to obtain this catharsis that almost feels liberating in a sense. This is truly an emotionally powered and driven song. We can dig it. 

Can you?