He’s Back! | 123MRK – ‘Versatile / Secret Secret’ EP


Unfortunately, due to the disheartening fact that 123Mrk has left us without any new releases in quite some time now, we have not been able to properly introduce you to our favorite producer of the increasingly popular genre, Future Garage (Future Bass). Most notably in America, this genre of electronic music is gaining a lot of speed as its counterpoint style, Dubstep, is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

It’s kind of funny actually, it only took America an additional two or three years to catch up with the electronic dance music trends that had already taken deep root in the rest of the world (Europe/Australia). We are predicting that Future Garage, or Future Bass, whatever you want to call it, is going to be HUGE in the old US of A. This particular musical motif, that outrightly stands against and rejects the increasingly watered down dubstep scene, combines several musical aspects that we Americans seem to already dig.

Future music is a bit hard to describe really, but we will do our best. We believe that Americans will immediately fall in love with this type of music because they absolutely LOVE Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B. Utilizing the chilled-out and soulful downtempo aura of these musical predecessors, Future producers apply a particular touch to make a track their own.

This may include “re-pitched vocals” (probably the first thing you will notice), “soft leads with a round attack, subbass or square wave bass with a modulating filter” (source: Wiki) and classic, finely tuned snare drum/high hat arrangements. In fact, many remixes of the Future Garage flavor typically choose an original Hip-Hop or R&B track to restyle.

This next artist classifies his production style as “Future Garage Post Dubstep Hip Hop Electro,” so yeah. It’s a bit complicated to say the least.

However, without any further ado, we bring to you his Highness, the Future Bass legend, 123Mrk with his latest EP release, “Versatile/Secret Secret.”

While your at it…

Skrux – Escapade (Original Mix) [FREE]

No one can touch this kid.

Kaylan C. Brown aka Skrux remains one of the few artists that continues to give us goosebumps with every listen. Just about a week ago, it was his trap-esque restyling of 3LAU, Paris & Simo’s highly remixed classic “Escape” that stole our hearts. Today, Skrux shows off an original production with some of the most unique, melodic trap that our ears have had the grace of listening in on (hard to believe the kid is ONLY 19 years old).

Everything simply seemed to click on “Escapade” for this young, Arlington, Texas-based producer. From the atmospheric introduction with cherubic chopped vocals, to the incredibly crisp snares, to the surprise Kaylan has in store for listeners at minute 3:50 (hint: it’s the vocals from Zedd’s “Find You”), Skrux has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet to any other producers attempting anything close to this same style or genre.

Start the weekend off right with an instant banger, right here.

Where else?

King Trimble: Your Worst Nightmare [Free Download Pack]

If you’re looking to scare yourself shitless this Monday and start the week off on the emotionally-shattered foot, we offer a smattering of tracks from Austin, Texas-based producer Taylor Martin guaranteed to stir up some horrifying repressed memories. Taylor, or King Trimble, as his mother likes to affectionately refer to him, does a couple things well in particular to catch our ears when giving a quick listen.

For one, the dedication and time spent on each instrument of his tracks is apparent in their abilities to sound so crisp, vivid and unique. Mr. Martin has a knack for creating this engrossing soundscape on all of his productions that allows the listener to truly lose themselves in his dark, foreboding musical aura. What we also admire in King Trimble’s productions is his variety, most notably on his most recent release, “Clowns.” Not only can he completely change up the instruments, genre, and overall mood, but the pace of his songs as well. Again, this quality serves to more completely envelop anyone listening within the emotional roller coaster that is a KT production.  

It wasn’t very long ago when Taylor Martin decided to begin his endeavor within the realm of electronic dance music. Do yourself a solid and give this next mind-melting dubstep and trap producer a follow on SoundCloud. With early productions like these, it doesn’t take a mastermind to see where this sort of thing is going for King Trimble.

You have been warned.

King Trimble’s SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/taylor-martin-1