Reach Into Our Goodie Bag of Golden Oldies | Throwback Thursdays (#TBT)

Another Thursday brings another day of social media fiends clogging our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds with the hashtag #TBT.  For those of you a little out of the loop (or those who actually work on Thursdays), the hashtag reads ‘Throwback Thursdays’. A day when thousands take part in embarrassing their friends through remembering the good ol’ days before the beer gut became permanent and duck faces were still in.

Here at Rager, we decided to start our own #TBT by providing you with some of our favorite EDM songs from the past couple decades.  With all the new content popping up daily, sometimes it’s nice to just kick back, relax and remember those jams that got us through those hard times.

We present to you, our goodie bag of golden oldies.

Music Is Wonderful: ‘Lets Be Friends’ Monstrous Monday Mix! This Means War Vol. #1 [Heavy]

After a long weekend of raging and attending EDC festivities, this is exactly what we need on a Monday to pick us up off our asses. If your feeling a bit sluggish this afternoon, press play, and crank this.

Lets Be Friends has put together one hell of a banging mix with their first edition of ‘This Means War.’ The DJ duo, who hails from the UK, began to release music at the start of 2013. Their first release titled ‘EP 1’ (clever title, huh?) caught our attention earlier this year. We liked it so much, we did a post on it (HERE). Give a listen to a few of their original tracks, we are particularly partial to Manslaughter, Best in the West, Pull Up Your Finger and The Creator. If you’re feeling lazy don’t worry, each can be heard in this all-star studded mix tape.

If you follow us here at Rager Onions, you will LOVE this hour long mix. It features some of our absolute favorite artists. From Knife Party to Dillon Francis to Excision, Lets Be Friends knows Bass Music. Not only do they drop some absolutely dirty jams, they found a way to transition each onto the other in a perfect fashion. We don’t know what else to say about it other than “WHY HAVEN’T YOU PRESSED PLAY YET???”

Show Jonney & Oren some love and follow them on SoundCloud/Facebook/Twitter.  And be sure to watch out for their forthcoming release, cleverly titled ‘EP 2.’ Your gonna like the way they sound, I guarantee it.


Set List:

1 • Friends* Intro
2 • Dillon Francis • Fireworks (Lets Be Friends *Re-Amp*)
3 • Excision & Far Too Loud – Destroid 8 Annihilate
4 • Letsbefriendsuk – 1-lets-be-friends-manslaughter
5 • LBF MashUp # 1 • Armin Van Buren/Knife Party/MajorLazer/Flux Pavilion
6 • Knife Party • LRAD
7 • Monsta • Holdin’ On • (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
8 • Dubstep – The-creator-by-lets-be-friends
9 • Knife Party • Bonfire • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*) 
10• Bro Safari • The Drop (Original + MUST DIE Remix)
11• LBF MashUp # 2 • Porter Robinson/Black Box/Knife Party
12• Showtek & Noisecontrollers • Get Loose
13• The Prodigy • Omen
14• Pegboard Nerds • Self Destruct
15• Kill The Noise • Jokes On You • (Kill The Noise Remix)
16• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-intimidation
17• TNGHT • Higher Ground • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*)
18• AN21, Max Vangeli & Steve Angello – H8RS • (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)
19• Tony Junior, Carnage, New & Used • Nobody Beats The Signal • (Tommie Sunshine Bootleg)
20• Knife Party • Baghdad
21• Laidback Luke • Pogo • (Deorro Remix) ( Build Up Only )
22• Virtual Riot – Energy Drink
23• Letsbefriendsuk – 01-sinner-winner-lets-be
24• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-best-in-the
25• Shockone • Big Bounce
26• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-allow-it
27• Pendulum • Ransom
28• Letsbefriendsuk – Lets-be-friends-pull-up-your
29• Major Lazer • Anything Goes • (Lets Be Friends *Bootleg*)

Nero Co-Produces Score for ‘The Great Gatsby’ – Into The Past (Original Mix)[EPIC]

When the official “The Great Gatsby” film is released on May 7, the soundtrack will include tracks from artists like Jay-Z, Florence + The Machine, Beyonce, and Nero. Their new song, produced directly for the film, features an orchestral score of ambience, power, and awe. The opening starts with a woman heaving, breathing slow and heavy, and it’s followed by that ever so epic Nero-esque bass.

Alana Watson provides the transcending vocals that do nothing but enhance the melody. While this song may be a bit slower than Nero’s usual pace, remember whose the designated audience for this particular piece.

The movie scene creates itself through the music; an epic battle scene in the rain between Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire that ends in somebody shedding blood, and possibly a tear. EDM artists are slowly making their way into the realm of feature film scores, which means big things for movie lovers, music lovers, or fanatics of both – like myself. Here’s a short interview from Billboard with the U.K. duo, Joseph Ray and Dan Stephens.

When were you first approached about “Gatsby”?

We heard last summer that two of our tracks from ‘Welcome Reality’ were being used as temporary sound beds in the film. A little after that, Baz came to our studio in L.A. and we talked about writing original music for those parts of the movie. As fans of both the book and his work, we were pretty excited to get working on it. – Dan Stephens

Had you read the book? Any early school memories of it?

Yep. It had been ages though, so I actually watched the Robert Redford version to remind myself of the plot. But it’s such an evocative and memorable book it all came back very quickly. – Joseph Ray

How was the song developed? We heard it was a very integrated process with the film team.

We worked closely with Baz to write two pieces for the movie using some elements and themes from Craig Armstrong’s score. We also added some of the electronic sounds we’d used to other cues in the film to give some continuity to the overall score. One of the cues we’d written then developed into a full original song [“Into the Past”], with vocals from Alana. It’s based around one of the central themes of the story, that of memory and Gatsby’s drive to reshape past events. – Stephens

We spent a lot of time working the score music we’d written into a song, so it was a mixture of happiness and relief when we heard it was definitely going to be used on the soundtrack! – Ray