EH!DE & Different Heaven – My Heart (Spag Heddy Remix) [FREE]

Part of our goal here at Rager Onions is to help elucidate underground EDM artists that we think deserve the attention of the entire electronic community. Not only do we want prospective listeners to be able to find a plethora a new music, but we want the artists that exhibit these uncanny talents to be discovered from a different prospective as well. Here, we are talking about the EDM facilitators: labels, PR agencies, agents, managers, venues, etc. With the backing of these utterly vital components, an artists is destined to shine.

We also understand that often times after a producer has been singed, said musician’s talents appear to wain due to pressures exerted from the big-wigged men and women atop large music label conglomerates. That is why we love what is happening right now in the electronic dance music realm. Due to the hyper-availability of information we can all access (the internet, stupid!), electronic tunes seems to be crawling out of the woodwork in every damn direction. Some people call this a bad thing however, we see it differently…

This panoply of talents allows smaller, more experiential learning intensive labels to pop up, like Monstercat or SectionZ. We absolutely love what those guys have done. These labels have managed to find a way to not only discover, but foster new talent while still allowing for the musician to maintain creative control of their art. What a enlightened thought…only took us 50 years of rock music to figure this out (Indie music is another example of the outright rejection to the fear of “selling-out”).

We believe that we have already accomplished our goal with Mischa Reining or Spag Heddy as he humorously refers to his EDM alias. We are by no means saying that we are the slightest bit responsible for his discovery, but we certainly have posted enough of his tracks to show our audience (whether it’d be listeners or industry personnel) his true talents.

On this next remix, Mischa switches up the original pace set by EH!DE by slowing down the BPMs, adding in Excision-like, aqueous stabs and applying his signature Spag Heddy “tomato bass” charm that we have all grown rather fond of here in twenty thirteen. Moreover, his chord progression is another thing to be admired. So many dubstep artists are just looking for that cool sound and it seems all too often that their tracks are lacking in movement and progression. Mischa Reining certainly knows how to work those keys.

HUGE things are in store for the Dutch Dubstep Master of Disaster: Spag Heddy. Oh, and we hope you saved room for some huge balls, meatballs that is Рto go with your spaghetti.