Schoolboy Q – The Purge / Rapfix Cypher (20syl Remix) [FREE]

All we can say is, “Hot damn son!” We’ve given this next jam more attention than the voluptuously busty beer cart maiden at your local country club’s golf course.

First things third, I don’t really even like rap music. Of course, when it’s all said and done, I have no problem participating in its enjoyment. Most rap these days (at least popular rap) is nothing short of poor lyricists muttering transcendentally ignorant rhymes over a somewhat catchy hook. Personally, I miss the days when a rapper’s lyrics were well-thought out, symmetrical and witty.

Regardless, this next remix is something that brings us hope in our current times of intellectual uncertainty.

Quincey Matthew Hanley, or Schoolboy Q, is one of the few exceptions modern day exceptions to the so-called ‘Rap Disconnection’ as we will affectionately call it. Despite the fact that his subject matter unfortunately coincides with the rest of the rap world, we feel as if his compositional breakdown and and unique style utterly captivating.

Now we toss into the mix another two young men by the names of Hocus Pocus and C2C who make up the production duo, 20syl. What this duo has managed to do with the original jams “The Purge” and “Rapfix Cypher” by Schoolboy Q is truly something to take note of. This may possibly be the BEST RAP REMIX WE HAVE EVER HEARD.

You heard me correctly. Just listen…


Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (Spag Heddy Cover Ft. Nassim)

As recent events have unfurled regarding the twerked out superstar Miley Cyrus and her VMA antics, Spag Heddy has decided to capitalize on all that media attention. His latest track, a cover of Miley’s hit ‘We Can’t Stop’, (funny that Spag explicitly states this is a COVER and not a REMIX, must be trying to get around some legal issues there) hit all the right spots for us over at Rager Onions.

Featuring the vocals of Nassim, Spag Heddy has revamped this pop smash into something we can all groove to in the world of EDM. His new drumstep cover feels so good. Miley’s lyrics reverberate that ‘you-only-live-once’ attitude while Spag’s beat steers your feet towards the dance floor.

This jam is just a whole lot of fun. It’s refreshing to see Mr. Heddy trying something different. Overall, great tune. Enjoy Ragers.