7 Minutes Dead | Peacock EP

Besides being deceased for a mere four-hundred and twenty seconds, 7 Minutes Dead also manages to produce top quality progressive and electro house beats. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Alex Gulikers of 7MD caught our attention with the release of his first EP only 8 months ago on Monstercat. Since then, we assume Alex has been working on his craft because this next jam, “Peacock”, is a change of pace for the young producer.

Following a less defined progression, 7 Minutes Dead incorporates elements of glitch hop by adding particular samples and chopping his synthesizers/vocals on this “Nu-Disco” jam. On SoundCloud, he describes the song as “ornate funk ostentation.” Well Alex, you will certainly have our full attention from now on.

In addition to the original, glitch hop’s favorite up and comer, Haywyre, has a hand at remixing this beautifully unique track. Giving “Peacock” more of a heavily modulated, funky glitch feel, Martin Vogt turns it up a few notches. This take definitely falls on the more groovier side of things, but overall, another solid song.

Give a listen to both below and follow up if you dig by showing some (sensual) love. You know how I like it. Reeeeal dry.

Astronaut Remix Contest [Monstercat]


Our feline friends over at Monstercat and newly acquainted tandem of producers known as Astronaut will be holding a remix competition for Astro’s latest electro house release titled “Rain.” This monster(cat) of a track is currently featured on Dan and Rossy-B’s Quantum EP which recently dropped (January 13th) and is, in this bloggers opinion, top notch overall. A real solid and highly remix-able (for any genre) EP in our professional opinion.

This remix competition held my Monstercat will run through Midnight (GMT) on Sunday, February 9th. Submissions must be uploaded to the contestant’s SoundCloud and then posted as a link on Monstercat’s wall on Facebook. Winners will earn a place amongst the other seasoned veteran producers who will also have their hand in revamping this track.


No, not this one. Idiot.

How could you be so stupid? Does your brain even function?

In the meantime, give a listen to Astronaut’s Quantum EP in order to earn yourself some of those good vibes before locking yourself in your room until early February. Not leaving to bathe or go to work/school. You won’t even be leaving for your mandatory court date. Probably a bad move, but that old lady had it coming…

And as long as you’re wasting time and making bad choices, how about taking a gander at Astronaut’s official UKF music video for their single “Radar,” which includes sporadic and insightful “behind the scenes” commentary from Ross and Dan themselves. Pretty dope.

Bustre – Shadow [Monstercat]

Honestly, we don’t quite know what to say about this.

By all accounts, we are not bias when it comes to selecting music to post. No one is paying us that much (yet), and the fellows in Vancouver over at Monstercat most certainly are not supplying us with any “cheddar”, “bones”, “skrilla” or however you whippersnappers refer to money these days. With the first month of 2014 coming to a close, it is safe for us to say that Monstercat Records has easily edged out any and all competition involved in the release of quality electronic tunes.

Besides maybe Lil Kim, Alanis Morissette, Macy Gray, Switchfoot and Kesha.

That being said, and all brown-nosing aside, you-know-who is up to their old tricks again with their latest, epically stygian Drum and Bass single from Bustre, who apparently has resurfaced from his brief stint away in the shadows of despair (possibly crafting this beat?).

Buster Charles, or Bustre as he is cleverly known by, hails from Dundee, Scotland and has been “mixing all genres of D&B into 174 futuristic beats per minute” for quite some time now. His latest track, “Shadow,” is a nearly seven minute beast of a song. The entire first atmospherically driven minute is spent merely setting the mood for Bustre’s initial break of immense aural magnitude. We believe Mr. Charles has done an excellent job in varying the chords, instruments and overall mood in a way to make the rather lengthy track time seem almost irrelevant. Nicely done sir.

For this Rager, Drum and Bass music is ideal for one thing: getting shit done.

So get out your to-do list and throw this next one on repeat. Before you know it, you will have pumped out all those tasks with enough time to come back and read our next post.

Until then my friends.