…While We Were Away [Just A Couple Tracks]

We have been away for some time.

And for that we apologize.

However, everybody needs some chill time every once in a while. The past few weeks for us was exactly that. Cut us a bit of slack, will ya’?

We are back, baby. Here a just a few tracks we’ve kept on repeat throughout the break.

(no particular order)


2. Beautiful drumstep track from JIKES and Nori.

3. Great remix to an already fantastic original.

4. Hard rock and even harder dub.

5. Nothing but Chi-Town love.

Humpday Dubstep Massacre [Beats on Beats]

Here we are again, stuck in between that day of the week that we all dread, Monday and the ever so sweet day of liberation we all warmly welcome as Friday. What could be worse?

Oh yeah, it could be Monday again, good point.

Anywho, you’ve stuck it out and successfully made it halfway to the weekend, so we thought a little reward was in order – a recompense in the form of hefty doses of dub to get you going this Humpday. It has been clinically shown that blasting a banger a day, will keep the doctor (and pretty much everyone over the age of 30) away. Well, in this case, several ragers today aim to alleviate any work-related dismay.


All glory to the Chipnotoad!

Another substantial helping of Spag Heddy and Meatballs.

Wah-Doo-Day-Ah-Doo-Day (you’ll see…)

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ Teddy…cause they killin’ everyone one out here.

Another great one from Culture Code.

Bass Yourself – SAVOY Drops Brand New EP ‘Personal Legend’ [Heavy]

Oh boy. We’ve been psyched for this since North Coast. Savoy, the suave trio from Brooklyn just released their brand new EP, Personal LegendWhen Savoy took the stage right before Modestep, they riled up the crowd to a point of anarchy. Seriously, it was nuts.

Colossal sound with pungent vibes of equal Rock and equal Roll, Savoy is rapidly ascending into the world of EDM. They even released an appetizer of the EP, an ambitious collaboration with Big Gigantic, AfterShock. The full version is nothing short of a monumental track.


Their 2013 tour Live with Lasers begins tomorrow in D.C., but Savoy will make its way to Chicago for a must-see show at the Mid on February 1st. And after listening to this new EP, it’s a good thing we already got our tickets.

Listen below, and download the entire EP free right here.

Oh, and follow us on Twitter.