My Musical Epiphany w/ Minnesota

I can actually pinpoint the moment in time when this DJ/producer transmuted right before my very eyes. It was like watching pokemon – evolving from a relatively small, innocuous state into a far more formidable, dynamic one. Keep in mind, this is all in regard to my realization of Minnesota‘s talents. I am by no means saying said skills were absent before my epiphany of sorts transpired.

However, at that split second in time, which personally, will forever resound in my tendencies or persuasions towards EDM as a whole, the work of Christian Bauhofer went from being a peripheral, transient matter in my life to one completely opposite in nature. Now that I think about it, this has never happened to me before.

Without delving too deeply into this notable experience with Minnesota’s live music at last year’s Spring Awakening Music Festival (June 13th-15th @ Chicago’s very own Soldier Field – Ha, sounds like we’re advertising, but that would imply we get paid), it occurred because of various reasons. To begin, it was one of the first sets for that day’s worth of unreal talents. This generally implies an artist is either: less popular or more simply, less talented. I quickly learned that the latter was not in the cards for production phenom, Minnesota.

Having just arrived at the sunny, humid shores of Lake Michigan, I convened with a group of friends and, firmly clutching two ice cold beers in each hand, unknowingly ascended upon an integral moment in time. Christian’s set was off the wall insanity. The “critical moment” in question occurred when Minnesota dropped an (at the time) underground face melter, MUST DIE!‘s remix to Bro Safari – The Drop. I, along with everyone else in the gathering crowd, lost their collective minds and grooved accordingly to the game changing beats being laid down by Mr. Bauhofer.

As always, another long-winded, pompously verbose tale brings us to the true matter at hand, Minnesota’s latest monumental release – “Voyager EP.” We unfortunately have not been able to sit down and synthesize a proper response until now, and for that we are deeply apologetic. In an attempt to ameliorate the situation, we’re offering the entire EP for free on our SoundCloud.

Are you happy now?

(runs away crying with tail between legs, much like a schoolgirl – *fade to black*)

This latest installment in Minnesota’s repertoire is by far his most progressive and encompassing electronic dance album to date. Each track, despite the rate or genre, lifts the listener into Christian’s own stratospheric, space-aged dream state. For some odd reason the entire album reminded me of riding Space Mountain at Disney World. It must have been the way Mr. Bauhofer focused in on the light, airy synthesizers and almost organic, wood-flute (not arranged in triplets, thank GOD!) arrangements that can be found on many of the tracks.

The single most impressive part of the new “Voyager EP” by Minnesota is the depth and range of instruments used. Honestly, I don’t think i’ve ever heard anything like it. Each and every song is entirely unique with an eclectic smattering of sound throughout. Brass, Drums, Strings, Wood-Wind, you name it, Christian as included it on the album.

Moreover, picking a jam to be my personal favorite on the album was nothing short of an impossibility, and this is a another new concept to me. As soon as I think I’ve become partial towards one song as compared to another, I change my damn mind again, and again, and again. That my friends, is talent. Minnesota has accomplished something with his new Voyager EP that very few EDM artists will ever be capable of. It’s a bit intangible, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice it instantly.

It almost seems as if every possible wavelength of sound has been achieved on “Voyager”. Minnesota does an unreal job of filling up each tune with sound, until it was ready to spill over like an overflowing glass of water.

It’s awesome. Enjoy every second of it, please.

Minnesota – Stardust Redux (FiLiBuStA Remix) [FREE]

After recently releasing the reggae-infused original single, ‘Come Around’ feat. Collie Buddz, our boy Minnesota has been on the meteoric rise to stardom. His live set at Spring Awakening Music Festival still stands as (debatably) our favorite set of the weekend.

And that’s saying something.

With no time like the present, Minnesota decided to release seven free remixes of his two original compositions, ‘Stardust Redux’ and ‘Bloom’. All were worth a listen, but only one was worth a replay:  FiLiBuStA’s remix of ‘Stardust Redux’.

Don’t recognize the name? Neither did we, however nothing turns us on like musically-fresh meat. Mixing and producing since 2007, Troy Probst has been on an eclectic journey, restoring the progressive and melodic elements of glitch and dubstep.  Growing up in the rural parts of Illinois in the small town of Fillmore, Troy spent his youth years tipping cows and destroying tractors (what else would you do). After teaching himself the guitar, he knew that music could potentially play a larger role in his life and in his career. So Troy decided to focus his abilities on developing his craft through the use of live and digital instruments both in the studio and during his live shows.

FiLiBuStA has already accumulated over 500,000 plays on SoundCloud after releasing the 17 track album Honeycomb Eyes for free download.  Show him some love by checking it out, and be on the look out for FiLiBuStA coming to a venue near you.

FiLiBuStA Official Site

Collie Buddz – Come Around (Minnesota Remix) [Reggaeton Bass] [FREE]


Minnesota is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. And no, we’re not talking about the land of 10,000 lakes.

Christian Bauhofer has occupied a special place in the heart of Rager Onions since we saw him play live at Spring Awakening Music Festival this June in Chicago. The amount of energy that his set brought to the crowd was unreal, especially considering the fact that he went on during the middle of the afternoon on one of the smaller stages. While the rest of Chicago crammed into the main stage enjoying the sounds of Krewella, those craving a little something heavier moseyed on over to the south stage for a bass-filled, synth-infused spectacle. He played all the right jams at all the right times. Any of us would tell you that it was one of the most memorable sets of the entire three day weekend.

Well, it would seem Mr. Bauhofer knows exactly was his fans want to hear. His latest remix of Collie Buddz’s song ‘Come Around’ is yet another testament to this fact.

The downtempo, dubstep reggaeton works perfectly for Minnesota on this remix. The percussion piece that opens the track and leads into the build is crisp and flawlessly executed. Now throw in those chilled out, cliched reggae lyrics and get ready. The song drops with this rolling, distorted bassline that is nothing less than an auditory eargasm. As soon as we heard it, we fell in love. We hope it gives you the very same goosebumps.

Show Christian some love and maybe spread that love around while you’re at it.


Minnesota’s SoundCloud

Minnesota’s Facebook