Martin Garrix – ‘Animals’ (Milk N Cookies Remix) [Free DL]

When Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’¬†hit the EDM world, it seemed like just about every DJ/producer from Miami to Los Angeles to Chicago was playing it in their live sets. When we first heard it played at Spring Awakening Music Festival, the crew at Rager Onions just couldn’t forget the atmosphere created by such an interesting and unique tune. The song came in at number three on our semi-annual Top 10 Songs of 2013, which is why the task of trying to remix it seemed out of the question.

Milk N Cookies are not typically known for their production skills, until now.

The Chicago duo kept the signature ping-pong click clack heard in the original version¬†and added a unique bass line as well as some atmospheric sound effects to give it that tribal feel. This song is intriguing to say the least, and it’s nice to finally see artists like Milk N Cookies delving into the production scene instead of just mixing the same old stuff.