A V-Day sExtravaganza | 10 Songs To Make The Sex To/With

If you’re anything like me, you understand how to have a good time. No, I’m not talking about Friday night laser-tag with the fellas (even though that sounds like a fine way to spend V-Day). By the way, we’re calling it V-Day now. And by we I mean everyone. It’s currently trending worldwide. As is #EndlessLove, #HarsherLoveSongs, #cutthecord, #FUTLove, #Gigolos4Life and #rubthegina.

Talk about a conversation starter! I’ll take #rubthegina for the win. Shoutout to all women unfortunately named Gina. These next ten songs go out to all you Gina’s out there. Keep your (female) head up. It’s V-Day, and anything is possible on this magical celebration of love and eroticism.

Okay. Now I’m finished.

(That’s what she said. Or he said.)

1. If this doesn’t bunch up your skivvies, I don’t know what will.

2. Just straight groovy. Welcome to the bedrock.

3. A true treasure of a remix for any up-tempo rave date.

4. Everybody remembers the first time.

5. Chills down the spine and through the trousers.

6. One of the best electronic remixes of all time. An instant classic.

7. This original will forever haunt my dreams ever since they used it in The Water Boy.

8. Do I hear wedding bells? No. No I don’t.

9. I love you to the moon and the stars and back. Unless you’re George Clooney in Gravity. Then I just love you to the stars.

10. In case you don’t celebrate V-Day and just need to eat some cake.

Skrux | Artist Spotlight [FREE DOWNLOADS]


Following music is a funny thing, really.

For this Rager, it would seem that the world is saturated with an endless supply of fantastic music and there is simply just not enough time to enjoy it all, let alone share it with others. Even limiting myself to a particular sub-genre won’t allow a me to experience all that there is to out there. It’s sad really.

However, despite the inevitable disappointment that comes with the realization of this shortcoming, we are given the challenge as fans to show off musicians that we discover, that we champion in the hopes that others will catch on. It is our duty as music lovers to share the greatness and to spread the love.

Now, by no means do we claim that we discovered this next artist, not by a long shot. However, this is yet another producer we have listened to, enjoyed, but never really taken the time to sit down and thoroughly listen to his “musical portfolio”. BIG MISTAKE. You need to listen to this.

Kaylan C. Brown, aka Skrux, is a 19 year old melodic dubstep producer hailing from Arlington, Texas. On the surface, after just a few listens, he is very much like many of the trailblazing producers who have pioneered this genre today (Seven Lions, Mt. Eden, Adventure Club). But, unlike these particular artists, Skrux provides an unmatched touch to any vocal piece or arrangement. And yes, we are aware that this idiosyncrasy seems trivial on the surface, and we aren’t exactly sure what it is that Kaylan is doing different.

Either way, we strongly urge you to give a listen to the next couple of tracks and decide exactly what it is for yourself. As for us, we can’t help belting these lyrics during and long after his songs cease to play in our headphones. His original jams and remixes are infectiously ripe with simple melodies and resonating vocals in surplus.

If you dig, show Skrux some love via SoundCloud and Facebook (you know what to do, he’ll appreciate it).

(By the way this first remix of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is absolutely gorgeous. Nearly perfect.)

Weekend Anthem | The Wanted – We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Smile, it’s Friday my hard working onions!

Now whose ready for a weekend anthem?

Being the music maniac that I am, I depend on the energy of new music to amplify the anticipation of a legendary weekend. As of 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon, if I have yet to stumble across this perfect tune, I find myself scurrying through SoundCloud to retain some semblance of a quality piece of production. And yea, you called it: I’m that guy at every house party positioned next to the iPod hookup all night screaming,

Dude! This song is sick! Just wait for the drop. It’s coming.

The drop seems to never come.

The Chainsmokers remix of “We Own The Night” brings with it everything you need for a solid weekend – fun-loving vocals, an energetic beat and that feel-good vibe that pushes Friday night into Saturday morning. So tonight, when a chick puts on Miley Cyrus at the house party, be that guy! Unplug the speakers, tell everyone to shut the f*** up, and throw on this jam.

Bro hugs will ensue. Embrace it.