Skrux – Escapade (Original Mix) [FREE]

No one can touch this kid.

Kaylan C. Brown aka Skrux remains one of the few artists that continues to give us goosebumps with every listen. Just about a week ago, it was his trap-esque restyling of 3LAU, Paris & Simo’s highly remixed classic “Escape” that stole our hearts. Today, Skrux shows off an original production with some of the most unique, melodic trap that our ears have had the grace of listening in on (hard to believe the kid is ONLY 19 years old).

Everything simply seemed to click on “Escapade” for this young, Arlington, Texas-based producer. From the atmospheric introduction with cherubic chopped vocals, to the incredibly crisp snares, to the surprise Kaylan has in store for listeners at minute 3:50 (hint: it’s the vocals from Zedd’s “Find You”), Skrux has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet to any other producers attempting anything close to this same style or genre.

Start the weekend off right with an instant banger, right here.

Where else?

Dude, That’s So ‘Meta’ [Artist Spotlight]

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the term “meta,” it is a word used, chiefly in art or the humanities, to describe something that is self-referential or introspective in nature. This idea may also be referred to as “breaking the fourth wall,” which involves a character “speaking directly to or otherwise acknowledging the audience” through a camera in a film or television program or more directly, in person, like during a play.

Many of you may remember a classic Shakespearian technique we all learned in school known as the “aside,” in which a character would turn to the audience, address them directly, and reveal a bit more information about themselves that the other characters may not be aware of. This is a classic example of “Breaking the fourth wall.” However nowadays, an aside might be more eloquently referred to as something that is “so meta, bro”.

After understanding the meaning behind this next artist’s moniker, we can’t help but curiously wonder how self-referential abstraction will reflect in our favorite art form, electronic dance music. Taking into mind the word’s use in other artistic endeavors, and the infinite spectrum of sounds and thus, moods, that can be created in an electronic music production, “meta music” might just be a formation of sounds that, when amalgamated, animate themselves into a living, breathing, self-aware musical landscape, capable of acknowledging the listener’s existence and drawing them in, much like the Sirens of Greek Mythology would.

We are not speaking for August & Andrew of Meta when we hypothesize in regard to the meaning behind this group’s name, we are merely projecting our experiences when listening to their music with instances in which we have seen the word “meta” used in other forms of art. Who knows, maybe after this post the two might just be appreciative lucky enough to conduct an interview with us here at Rager Onions (*hint, hint*), where we can get to the bottom of this philosophical debacle.

In the meantime, we hope that you can amuse and immerse yourselves in the musical beauty produced by this next electronic artist and producer duo with “composer-like tendencies,” who hails from both Seattle, Washington and Reykjavík, Iceland. Spanning the globe and expanding your own self-awareness, Meta music is the kind we can truly dig. Please enjoy the abundance of auricle abstraction below.

Aether – Silhouette [To Be Argued]

What do Future Bass and Dubstep have in common?

Well, up until a few days ago, we didn’t think they had a whole lot to do with one another considering the Future movement was partly catalyzed by its creators’ collective outright rejection of a now widespread and watered down phenomenon we all, regardless of opinion, refer to as Dubstep. Taking into mind this next artist’s rendition of particular elements from very different realms of the electronic dance music world, and your already biased opinion about either genre, we wonder what you will think of “Silhouette” by Scottish producer Jason Taylor aka Aether.

What makes Aether’s latest release so incredibly filthy you ask?

In order to answer that question let us relate our response to something a little more tangible first. Listening to a song for the first time is a hell of a lot like meeting a person for the first time, or just becoming acquainted with another human being in general. People, just like music, exude authenticity. It isn’t hard to observe; it just take a trained eye. However, it is these people we deem as authentic that become our best friends, our partners and our confidants.

Trustworthiness, Modesty, Authenticity – these are all qualities we as human beings gravitate towards when establishing relationships with others. So, to address a now diluted and digressed point, great music exudes authenticity. “Silhouette” by Aether was one of they very few productions this year to knock us on our asses with its melodic bass, all the while sending chills down our spine with brain-meltingly dulcet vocals indicative of classic Future (no pun intended) artists like Flume and Cashmere Cat.


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