(NEW) The M Machine | Space Jams (OWSLA After Dark Pt. III) & ‘DNA’ Remixes

Earlier this week, OWSLA signee The M Machine dropped some new tunage for your delicate little ears to try and process.

Their OWSLA After Dark Mix was created for the ever popular BBC1x Radio show, Mistajam. By creatively using dispersed vocal samples of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ as transitory elements, the dynamic trio have produced a compilation of monumental proportion. But that’s not all.

Just a few days later, The M Machine released two remixes of Empire of the Sun’s hit track, “DNA”, on their SoundCloud. Interestingly enough, both remixes are dedicated to a specific Greek deity. The first remix paid tribute to the God of music, poetry, plague, oracles, sun, medicine, light and knowledge – Apollo. Similarly, the second remix honored that of Helios, the God of the Sun. We really aren’t sure as to why The M Machine decided to channel their inner Mt. Olympus, but we’re not complaining.

Make sure to check out both versions of “DNA”, as well as the track list of Space Jams after the break.

Track List:

1. Moderat – Gita
2. Modeselektor – 2000007 ft. TTC
3. Machinedrum – Let It ft. MeLo-X
4. Andrew Bayer Soul Cry
5. The M Machine – Tiny Anthem (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
6. Mat Zo – Only For You ft. Rachel Collier (Other Mix)
7. The M Machine – Black (Trifonic Remix)
8. Jaymes Young – One Last Time
9. Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin
10. Gui Boratto – Notations
11. The M Machine – Data Palace
12. Modeselektor – Edgar vs. Moderat – Let Your Love Grow ft. Paul St. Hilaire
13. The M Machine – When It’s Gone
14. The M Machine – Moon Song (Digitalism Remix)
15. Audialist – Fyah vs. Modeselektor – This ft. Thom Yorke
16. The M Machine – Ghosts In The Machine (Kill The Noise Remix)
17. The M Machine – The Palace ft. Blake Hazard
18. Audialist – Manna (Tacit Remix)
19. The M Machine – Additional Faces
20. Robotaki – Inhale
21. Robotaki – Gossamer Souls
22. Pance Party – Let’s Get Invisible
23. The M Machine – Shadow In The Rose Garden (Matt Lange Remix)
24. Andrew Bayer – Need Your Love (Phonat Remix)
25. The M Machine – Space Design

Motivation Monday: Get On That Grind [Full Mixes] [Free Downloads]

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Nietzsche

Fact – your most productive time of the week is Monday morning.

Unless you’re lazy.

Don’t be lazy.


1. Mat Zo’s latest mix, provided by Sirius XM Radio.

2. Our favorite mix on the list – compliments to Chef Audien.

3. Far Too Loud provided their Shambhala Festival Mix 2013 for free download.

4. Arty’s weekly podcast – Together We Are: Episode 059 [Live Set @Cream Amnesia, Ibiza].

5. BBC Radio 1’s latest mix featuring Nicky Romero.

The Top 10 Anjunabeats Artists of All Time [Trance]


Being a huge EDM fan for sometime now, I have just recently come to realize how many different labels are continuing to surface each year.  Week after week, DJs, producers, and entrepreneurs alike are crossing over into the field of  music labels. So it got me thinking: what are the most popular labels in electronic dance music today? Which labels are putting the time into finding the up and coming stars that fit their genre instead of releasing anything and everything that comes their way? And most importantly, which labels have proven their worth through years of hard work, dedication, and consistently releasing the latest and greatest in all things EDM?

After pondering for sometime, one label just couldn’t be ignored:


The trance label was created by DJ trio Above & Beyond back in 2000, and their talent has exploded into arguably one of the most successful music labels in the world. The label’s name developed as a spinoff of a beautiful beach of the coast of India called Anjuna where world famous trance parties were held during the tourist season. With so many unbelievable artists representing the Anjunabeats name, I decided it would be fun to rank my favorites.

This list is obviously my personal opinion so I would love to hear your input in the comment section. I decided to base my rankings on these four factors.

1. Producer’s relationship with Anjunabeats.

2. Number of songs the producer has released on Anjunabeats.

3. Producer’s current relevance/success in the industry.

4. Personal Preference.

So without further ado:

Our Top 10  Anjunabeats Artists of All Time

10.  Ilan Bluestone (Ilan Bluestone)

Just making the list but absolutely deserving of a spot, London-based producer Ilan Bluestone has been making huge strides over the past year. One of the most promising and young new acts in the international dance music scene, his recent releases ‘Under my Skin‘ and ‘Capetown‘ have taken the world by storm. Bluestone has become a permanent fixture in Above & Beyond’s recent DJ sets, and we can see (and hear) why in this next track. One of our favorites by Ilan, here’s his massive hit single, ‘Sanai‘.

9. Sunny Lax (Levente Márton)

Bringing fans an uplifting/euphoric progressive trance style of music, Levente is the epitome of the Anjunabeats sound. He has popular tracks in the past like ‘M.I.R.A‘, but the Hungarian producer’s most recent masterpiece comes to us in the form of this hit single, ‘Isla Margarita‘.  There is only one thing to not like about this guy, and that is the frequency of his releases.  Due to the fact, some of you are going to hate that he made the list over other worthy Anjunabeats DJ’s.  My response to you: haters are going to hate, and quality wins over quantity every time in my book.

8. Andrew Bayer (Andrew Bayer)

With a production style less trance-like than most other Anjunabeats artists,  Andrew Bayer could not be ignored due to his incredible production skills and great relationship with the label. His recent work includes the tracks ‘Need Your Love‘, ‘Detuned‘, and ‘England‘. Bayer has been making a serious name for himself since releasing his debut album, It’s Artificial in late July. Ranging from glitch-hop to progressive house, you truly never know what you are going to get with Andrew, which only adds to his intrigue.

7. Maor Levi (Maor Levi)

Beginning his journey into the electronic world at the ripe age of 11, Maor Levi has constantly been working on his craft, eventually falling in love with deep kick drums and driving bass-lines. After carving his way into the Anjunabeats family, Maor has released various original and remixed tracks across multiple genres. With no sign of slowing down in the near future, the sky is the limit for this up and coming producer.

6. Oliver Smith (Oliver Smith)

Other than Above & Beyond, only one other artist has had every single one of his singles featured on all ten Anjunabeats compilation volumes to date. Oliver Smith is mostly known for his creative remixes of fellow Anjunabeats artists like Arty, Mat Zo, Andrew Bayer, Maor Levi, and Above & Beyond. A featured regular on multiple international radio shows and the resident presenter of Anjunabeats Worldwide, Oliver’s clubby melodic groove has gained quite the following over the past few years. Need proof? Check out ‘Pressure‘, featured on Anjunabeats Vol. 10.

5. Super8 & Tab  (Miika Eloranta – Super8 & Janne Mansnerus – Tab)

Taking trance to the next level since teaming up in 2005, Finnish producers Super8 & Tab have stealthily pushed themselves to the front of the trance pack. Since ranking #60 on the DJ Mag Top 100 back in 2010, the duo have released two full length albums on Anjunabeats. And while not in the studio, Miika and Janne continue to wow crowds at some of the largest and most influential festivals in the world like Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Tomorrowland in Belgium.

4. Audien  (Nate Rathbun)

If age and experience weren’t a factor, this future phenom would be even higher up on our list. Audien is to trance what Skrillex is to dubstep. A bold statement nonetheless, these next tracks should provide some insight into our claim. In August of 2012 Nate released the single ‘Eventide‘ on Anjunabeats. Earlier this year, his massive track Wayfarer was his first song ever played on Above & Beyond’s new radio show, Group Therapy. Continuing on his hot streak, Audien recently released Leaving You featuring Michael S., followed by the progressive trance banger, Iris. This bandwagon left the station over a year ago, but we’ll be making stops at one destination and one destination only: Rager Onions.

3. Arty (Artyom Stolyarov)

Anjunabeats beast Arty first appeared on DJ Mag’s Top 100 List back in 2011 coming in at #78. That same year, he released a slew of my favorite Arty tracks including ‘Mozart‘, ‘Rebound‘, and ‘Kate‘. The success of these three songs boosted him 53 spots #25 in 2012. This year looks to be no different, as Arty has already released three hit singles titled ‘Believe In Me‘, ‘Flashback‘, and ‘Grand Finale‘. With each new release comes another reason to hype such a young and talented producer. Stick this one in your back pocket for a rainy day because Arty isn’t going anywhere else but straight to the top.

2. Mat Zo (Matan Zohar)

With a growing fan base as loyal as they come, Mat Zo continues to prove his worth as one of the greatest current producers in music. His sound has matured immensely since breaking into the DJ Mag’s Top 100 List at #66 back in 2010. Mat has released an onslaught of impressive tracks over the last couple years including his recent remix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn‘, his collaboration with Chuck D called ‘Pyramid Scheme, and the widely popular, Beatport topping single with Porter Robinson, Easy.

1. Above & Beyond (Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki)

The top spot of any ranking system tends to be the toughest decision to make. However, this one was a no brainer. The power house trio and Anjunabeats creators have had everything to do with the success of the label since it’s inception. Above & Beyond has earned the right to call themselves one of the best electronic artists of all time. They were voted #5 on the DJ Mag Top 100 List in 2011, #8 in 2012, and are currently sitting at #8 in the unofficial 2013 rankings. Above & Beyond show no signs of slowing down as they enter their second decade of working together. Going above and beyond expectations, the group has expanded their label into sub-labels for those tracks that just would not fit under the label’s main focus, trance. Anjunadeep has found the most success outside of the main label with their unique, deep house style. With so many outstanding singles in the past and so little space, I decided to include Anjunabeats Vol. 10, the most recent Anjunabeats compilation mixed by Above & Beyond.

As time moves on and EDM labels continue to pop up, we will constantly be reminded of the powerhouse trance label Anjunabeats.  While so much is uncertain we know one thing, Above & Beyond will continue to expand their label with best new trance talents around.  So join me in showing them support, and may you forever “Trance around the world with Above & Beyond”.