Madeon’s New Single Is Free, And Awesome

Just this morning, Madeon released a brand new single titled, ‘Cut The Kid’.

There’s a few interesting things to note here.

1. Madeon released the song for free, if you can crack the code (we did).

2. This may be better than his last release, ‘Technicolor’ – which is really saying something.

3. ‘Cut The Kid’ was not produced by Kid Cudi. 

Have a listen. And remember – don’t put Twinkies on your pizza.

Cyber Candy & Electrode – Rare Candy (Vonikk Remix) [FREE]

It has been quite some time since we lasted checked in on our favorite hard-rock influenced, electro production whiz known as David Vonikk or, more simply, Vonikk. After listening to his most recent remix of “Rare Candy,” a collaborative piece by Electrode and Cyber Candy, we figured now was as good a time as ever to reintroduce our listeners to the glory that is a Vonikk production.

What first peaked our interest in this young musician was David’s ability to incorporate incredible electric guitar pieces into his productions. Considering the slew of artists that blend rock music into their electronic dance tracks, we believe Vonikk’s to be of some of the most authentic. One can plainly hear by listening to a few of David Vonikk’s tracks that his abilities with the guitar are highly developed, making this coagulation of genres uncanny.

However, with all of this mind, this is NOT the reason why we are posting this next jam.

In fact, it is for the exact OPPOSITE reason.

On Vonikk’s most recent production, a remix of “Rare Candy”, he simply presents his talent as a top-notch professional and producer of electronic dance music. We cannot even begin to explain how catchy this song becomes after the first complextro breakdown. The melody created by David is on par with some of the best producers of progressive and electro house.

Just give the entire track a thorough listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Mr. Vonikk requests your support, please give him a “like” on Facebook or even a “follow” on his SoundCloud.

Rager Onions Presents: The Top 10 EDM Songs of 2013

After compiling over 100 of the best songs from 2013, the staff at Rager Onions put their super-powers (our brains) together and narrowed it down to ten. Ten s0ngs that not only caught our ears, but blew our minds.

Without further adieu, the Top 10 EDM Songs of 2013. 

10. Protohype chilled out a little with this track, and the result was a masterpiece. With one of the most motivational songs of 2013, “Fly” is a tasty dubstep anthem for any music palette. Seriously, even your grandma might like it.

9. The dark horse, Andy Duguid, takes trance to a whole new level with “7Even”. Like all great songs, this one gets better with every listen. One might even call it ‘orgasmic’.

8. The French sensation has done it again. Madeon may not be old enough to drink alcohol in the U.S. yet, but he did produce one of the top-10 EDM songs of 2013. Kids these days.

7. Disclosure and Flume in the same sentence? You know it’s going to be nothing but gold.

6. Coming from one of this years top LP’s, Sub Focus also found his way onto the top-10 with this up-beat, D&B melody. Whether you’re having problems at work, problems with a girl, or problems doing laundry on a consistent basis – this song will surely put you on the right path. 

5. Dillon Francis did a lot in 2013. But nothing was more impressive than his first love song, “Without You”. According to Dillon’s Soundcloud, “This song is very meaningful to me because as TEED and I were working on the song I was having relationship problems of my own. He ended up writing the song about the whole situation i was going through..”

4. Just nasty. Trap isn’t dead yet, you guys. You heard it hear first: What So Not is the future of trap.

3. Audien exploded in 2013, and we’ll expect nothing less in 2014.

2. Our #1 EP of 2013 belonged to KOAN Sound & Asa’s Sanctuary. “Starlite” took the EDM world by storm, and for good reason.

1. The song that was at the top halfway through the year, stays at the top. Funky, passionate, and perfect for love making – this collaboration from two of EDM’s brightest minds will go down in the record books. Because “Easy” was the best EDM song of 2013.

Honorable Mentions:

The best remix of 2013 belongs to Kat Krazy.

We just can’t say enough about Sound Remedy. So we won’t.

This song got bumped from the top-10, but The M Machine deserves a lot of love for this “Tiny Anthem”.

You’re going to hear this song on the radio a lot over the next few months, but make no mistake about it – it was one of the best EDM songs produced this past year.

We’re all hippies at heart.