Nero Is So Back – Satisfy [Original Mix] [NEW!]



Sorry, I generally do my best to avoid reading the unfathomably ignorant comments streaming alongside SoundCloud tracks.

For this next song however, I could not help but read each one of them and revel in the collective excitement surrounding the concept of brand new music from one of the most legendary names in EDM – Nero.

The above excerpt, taken from a random fan’s joyous response to the release, just so happened to be my favorite of the lot…mainly because that fan’s sentiments are akin to my own.

Nero’s back bitches!

Landing on a coincidentally apt title for their new jam – producers Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and vocalist Alana Watson are finally back on the scene after a somewhat lengthy hiatus in production (we would have waited forever though, honestly).

While constantly contributing to and perusing around the massive EDM blog-o-sphere, I all too often find its writers over using clichéd buzz words like “epic” or “dirty.” However, in situations such as these, I feel helpless when I truly have no other way of describing Nero’s latest release, “Satisfy”.

It definitely is epic, but then again, of course it is.

We’re talking about The Trifecta here.


Our contrived description of their productions as “epic” emanates directly from the talents Daniel and Joe possess as great musicians. The way this tandem of producers craft there art is unlike any other out there. Each and every song on Nero’s last album “Welcome Humanity” showcases the duo’s uncanny ability to progress a song, and make you bust a groove (or maybe even a nut).

This concept may seem a bit intangible at first, however, that’s because it is.

You cannot teach this stuff. It comes from years of experience, growing as both an overall musician and more specifically, an electronic dance music producer. It’s most certainly the way their tracks open, build, drop and decay that makes each song a entirely unique piece of artwork. Lyrics aside, each song will clearly and vividly unravel a story with the progression of its tone, mood, rate and instrumental arrangements.

With a brand new album soon on the way from Nero, “Satisfy” will just have to do for now.

And we’re just fine with that.

Lets Be Friends ☠ [Artist Spotlight]

Coasting off the reception from their latest EP termed iOA or Invasion of America, Jonney and Oren of Lets Be Friends have impressed the crew at RO for quite some time now. As of late, we cannot seem to visit any other EDM related page without seeing an advert for iOA, or a post about the release. This can only mean one of two things. Either LBF has the most baller PR team in the history of existence, or these dudes just so happen to make some dank tunes. To us, it seems far more logical to go with the latter.

Hailing from across that puddle known as the Atlantic Ocean, Lets Be Friends has been annihilating dance floors everywhere since the release of their first EP at the beginning of 2013. But, that is not exactly where Jonney and Oren’s story originates. According to their Facebook page, the tandem has been crafting their unrelentingly dynamic bass-heavy sound since 2011. It has not been until recently, however, that LBF has caught the attention of the main steam EDM spotlight.

Their sound is nothing short of beautiful chaos, a maelstrom of modulated melodic discord. Using uptempo Electro House and Dubstep influences, Lets Be Friends smashes listeners with canty complextro grime that would cause Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself to stand up and bust a move.

Yikes, too soon?

Big things loom on the horizon for Lets Be Friends. As of yesterday, they have become the newest addition to the monstrous lineup over at Monstercat Records. Expect to be hearing more from them there.

Below we have included some of our favorite recent releases (including the brand new VIP mix of ‘Manslaughter’ and their dope remix to F.O.O.L’s massive track ‘Feelings’) from this London-based production duo. For those unfamiliar with this bass heavy dance project, we hope LBF is soon to make your acquaintance.

Pun intended.

Fellow fans of LBF can purchase the new EP, iOA (Invasion of America), right HERE. You won’t regret it.

Drum & Bass Liberation – Freefall VIP by Metrik [Happy]


Tom Mundell aka Metrik has been producing electronic dance music for quite some time now. Since 2007, Tommy Boy has been laying down some of the best Drum and Bass in the biz. Six years may not seem like the longest career. However, when comparing his experience level to many other big names in the game right now, it basically grants him a veteran status.

Unfortunately, Metrik has been flying under the radar so to speak in terms of mainstream popularity. Call that a good thing, call it a bad thing, call it what you will. All we know is that more people need to hear his beats. If you haven’t heard of, or ever listened to Mr. Mundell, now is a great time to start.

His latest release titled ‘Freefall VIP’ takes the listener on a journey that mimics a feeling of liberation. The luring and entrancing vocals of Reija Lee taught us here at Rager Onions to love again. Well, it wasn’t exactly that epiphonic but dagnabbit they certainly feel great. Now throw Metrik’s uplifting and and whimsical drum and bass composition into the mix. It all adds up to one fantastic production from this UK based producer who is now signed exclusively to Hospital Records.

Set yourself free.