Cinco De Mayo Tequila Mixes 2014

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and if you are anything like me (have a job), you won’t be hitting the bottle hard tonight. However, we do realize that a majority of our audience is still in college. Which means that many of you will continue your four day weekend by slurping down margaritas, tequila shots and tacos galore.

I would say that I envy you, but I’ll wait until the morning to pose such a question.

That being said, here are some pre-game mixes to ignite that holiday spirit.

Hey Loser: Pegboard Nerds Are Playing In Chicago This Friday

We’re getting real jacked up for this Friday night.maxresdefault

Why? Well first, because it’s Friday night. But this particular Friday night, Pegboard Nerds are coming to town.

Making their way into the Windy City on their Bassline Kickin‘ tour – the dubstep duo from Denmark will make a long-anticipated visit to the Chicagoland area. For us here at Rager, any up-and-comer from Monstercat is a must-see. So if you haven’t heard of the nerds yet, we’ll give you a proper introduction.

In two words, their music can be defined best as ‘crazy shit’. With the release of their new single Bassline Kickin’, and a few killer remixes (including Krewella’s Live For The Night and Adventure Clubs Wonder) – the Pegboard Nerds have been been keeping quite busy as of late.

What’s even cooler about this Friday night’s show is that they’ll be playing at Subterranean in Wicker Park...which we’ve heard is a pretty neat little venue.



Doors open at 9pm, as Dirty Noize and LVMB & TVNA will get the show started. Tickets are still available for $15, and you can get them right here.

Thanks to React Presents, this should be one wild little night. Don’t believe us? Hear for yourself.

A few of our favorites from Pegboard Nerds: 

1. Razor Sharp

2. We Are One
The song that really set the bar for Pegboard.

3. Krewella – Live For The Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
Chi-city love.

Krewella – Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)

Just last night, when listening to Ruben & Victor’s remix of Krewella’s original jam “Enjoy the Ride,” my best bro and fellow vegetable of the bulbed variety stated it perfectly when he said…

“You know what I love about Vicetone that I absolutely hate about most other producers? I know what I’m going to get each time I hear a new song from them, yet it still lives up to my expectations every single time. A rare feat in any genre of music, but a sign of great things to come.”

Not a whole lot I can follow that statement up with, well said Charles. Now all of you just listen, dammit.

Oh, and buy it here: