True: The Next Avicii Song That’s About To Blow Up


During 1 of my 3 daily visits to Dunkin Donuts, I was halted in my path by the song playing on Dunkin Radio.

Yes, Dunkin Donuts has their own radio station. I guess when you provide instant, cream-filled happiness to millions of Americans every morning, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Kind’ve like Avicii. The producer that did what he wanted, as inferred from the title of his chart-topping album (peaked at no. 5 on US Billboard 200, currently no. 59), True. Revolutionizing the genre to a small degree, the Swedish superstar took a big risk by infusing folk into dance (twang into techno, if you will), and scratching more relevance off of a term we hate the most: genre.

Ever since he previewed the new album in his Ultra set, there are two songs I’ve been particularly obsessed with.

The first, of course, was “Wake Me Up”. After listening to that song deaf, it was only a matter of time before Kiss FM butchered it.

Which they did.

So when I heard DUNKIN RADIO blasting my favorite song from the album (and maybe my favorite song of the entire year) – it became clear that EDM isn’t going mainstream.

It is mainstream.

I guess this is the price we pay. But your 8-year-old niece shouldn’t be talking about Skrillex at the dinner table, and Avicii doesn’t deserve to be butchered by the radio.

If you haven’t heard it already, stop being a hipster – and listen to “Hey Brother”. The single, featuring raw vocals from Dan Tyminski, plays on Avicii’s new style in some forms, but the melody becomes a soothing masterpiece, filled with electronic optimism and produced for epic journeys (and as I’ve mentioned before, running).

We here at Rager Onions firmly believe it could be one of the top ten tracks of the year. And when we released our Top-10 songs of the year (so far) back in July, we didn’t anticipate including one of the tracks from Avicii’s experimental, but awesome, True. 

So will “Hey Brother” make it? Who knows.

Will Duck Sauce make it? Absolutely not.

You’ll just have to wait until next week, when we’ll be releasing our top-10 albums, and top-10 songs of the year. We don’t mess around with that Billboard bullshit, and we wouldn’t include Avicii just because it’s Avicii.

This year was a big one, and “Hey Brother” is right up there on the top-10 reasons why.

Just Be Thankful: ‘Many Ways’ by Ferry Corsten (ft. Jenny Wahlström)

I love when it when I discover one of ‘those songs’. A song that grows on you. And grows on you.

And grows on you.

And for the past week or so, no song has given me the gradual goosebumps quite like the progressive trance masterpiece from Ferry Corsten – Many Ways. With exuberant vocals from Jenny Wahlström, the songs message fits right in with the spirit of this holiday week.

Because it is true, there are many ways to change your life.

Buy a new shirt. Start eating cereal that doesn’t have cartoon characters on the front of it. Move to Africa and pledge the rest of your life to fighting disease, hunger, and poverty.

But whatever you do, take a step back, and be thankful. Be thankful for family, friends, health, and most importantly – food. There’s some people that would be thankful just to have one of those things.

(I would’ve included this in my recent edition of 9-Ass Kicking EDM Songs To Run To, but some tracks deserve their own love.)

Dillon Francis & Flux Pavilion Drop Pure Chaos: “I’m The One”

Finally. The highly, highly-anticipated collaboration from Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis is here.

So all you up-and-coming producers: take notes. This is a collaboration at it’s finest. Two massively niche sounds, merged by two unbelievably talented artists, creating an original masterpiece that can only be defined in two words: Flux PaDillon.

After Lollapalooza, we watched this duo absolutely demolish the Aragon Ballroom. You see, the Bleach Bros (as we’ve coined them) are not only two of EDM’s hottest DJs – they’re two of the industry’s legitimate pioneers. “I’m The One” will be featured on Flux Pavilion’s upcoming, five-track EP, Freeway (tentative release date of October 21).

Opening with that flashy, ominous Flux chime – “I’m The One” becomes pleasantly unpredictable, building the anticipation for a break that blurs the margin between funk and bass. The simple, powerful, and uniquely synthesized vocals fade into an aggressive melody that’s best described as ‘Dillon-esque’. The chorus drops into the quintessential moombah, arena-house melody that Francis remains infamous for. And with a kick of British bass, “I’m The One” becomes even more awesomely chaotic.

Since World War I, the U.S. and Great Britain have proved to be dominant allies; international powerhouses that fuse brainpower and combine resources for the betterment of themselves, and the world around them.

I guess some things never change.