Skrux – Escapade (Original Mix) [FREE]

No one can touch this kid.

Kaylan C. Brown aka Skrux remains one of the few artists that continues to give us goosebumps with every listen. Just about a week ago, it was his trap-esque restyling of 3LAU, Paris & Simo’s highly remixed classic “Escape” that stole our hearts. Today, Skrux shows off an original production with some of the most unique, melodic trap that our ears have had the grace of listening in on (hard to believe the kid is ONLY 19 years old).

Everything simply seemed to click on “Escapade” for this young, Arlington, Texas-based producer. From the atmospheric introduction with cherubic chopped vocals, to the incredibly crisp snares, to the surprise Kaylan has in store for listeners at minute 3:50 (hint: it’s the vocals from Zedd’s “Find You”), Skrux has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet to any other producers attempting anything close to this same style or genre.

Start the weekend off right with an instant banger, right here.

Where else?

3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights – Escape (Skrux Remix)

I dare you to listen to this next remix without thoroughly enjoying it. Go ahead, do it. Make my day.


Kaylan C. Brown, who goes by the name of Skrux, is one of few rising EDM stars that can get away without a record label or even a general manager for that fact. Producing uncanny, melodic ANYTHING (most notably dub and trap), Kaylan’s moniker is quickly gaining massive amounts of support from diehard fans and seasoned, respected DJs alike.

With several remix competition wins already under his belt, the sky is the limit for young KCB in twenty-fourteen. We look forward to seeing his name alongside some of the biggest names in the biz. Until then, we have another near-masterpiece by Skrux that is of the melodic trap variety. One interesting fact to note is that this next remix of “Escape” does NOT have a drop. Sure, it tells a story much like every song should in that it has a rise, climax and decay. However, there is no defined build and certainly no intense break.

We fucking love it.

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Bone N Skin – 15K Remix EP

When considering the steadily growing plethora of music that has already hit the scene in 2014, only one release has managed to elicit a grin of this proportion on my stupid face. I saw it, and I was beaming. Mind you, all of this was pre-listen. I nearly came, no joke.

We don’t like to joke around here anymore, not since “the accident.”

SirensCeol, Bone N Skin and last, but assuredly not least, Skrux, are three musicians that I have had the pleasure of intimately following as they have steadily grown and learned to develop and even evolve their sounds. It has been quite the wild ride for each of these ultra talented producers and I have enjoyed every second aboard for the journey. Actually, it’s sort of funny how they have all coincidentally joined forces and teamed up, unknowingly showcasing how far they have all come since their respective EDM inceptions. 

Each remix on Bone N Skin’s EP falls squarely into the realm of a different genre. The VIP remix to “15K” sets the scene in the form of a clean, hard-hitting, complextro house revamp to the original BNS jam. Next, Stephen Burke, also known as SirensCeol (pronounced, “Sirens Soul”) diverges from Bone N Skin’s original intentions and pursues a filthier complextro, more dubstep oriented routine. Finally, we get some of that goody good from none other than the melodic dub sensation himself, Skrux [Pavilion] (he really ought to change his name to that. Thoughts?). Without a shred of doubt, this is our favorite production of the trifecta.