RAC | “Tourist” Ft. Tokyo Police Club

Hell to the Yeah. This is what we are talking about right here, indie-electro in its most quintessential form.

You may be asking yourself, “What do you mean by that?”

Well it just so happens that Tokyo Police Club is one of the more highly respected indie rock groups around these days. Don’t believe us? Just ask those pretentious messenger-bag sporting douche bags over at Pitchfork Media (anything they rate above a 7 out of 10 is basically pure gold). When we saw that RAC, which actually use to stand for the Remix Artist Collective, teamed up with TPC to produce this jam, “Tourist”, we were as giddy as a pack of rabid schoolgirls gossiping over the cutest boy in class.

In fact, at one point in time, RAC consisted of an actual collective of artists devoted to “change the way things were remixed…taking the focus away from danceability and attempting different and interesting arrangements.” That sounds like the exact definition of indie-electronic dance music. However, now RAC solely exists as the solo project of André Allen Anjos, who continues to pump out fantastic releases using the same principles that founded the original Remix Artist Collective. After briefly browsing through André’s Facebook page, we noticed that RAC actually had 5 of the Top 100 Hype Machine tracks of 2013 and recently reached over one-million followers on SoundCloud. The man is clearly doing something right.

NOTE: An archive of all 156 original RAC remixes can be found HERE.

Despite the fact that this next tune isn’t exactly your typical rager, from this former indie-rocker’s prospective, it’s Grade A euphonic throughout all one-hundred and eighty-six blissful seconds. The somber yet hopeful lyrics of David Monk (Tokyo Police Club) coincide gracefully with the downtempo beat (brass included) provided by André Allen Anjos of RAC.

“Are we strangers forever, or are we strangers for now?” 

“Tourist” will take its’ place as the third track on RAC’s most recent EP release, Don’t Talk To, which can be purchased via the link below.

BUY Dont Talk To EP: smarturl.it/DontTalkToEP

Boner Jams Vol. 2

It’s time again for another edition of Boner Jams: the songs we love, but did not have the time to thoroughly post on.

Call it lazy, call it whatever you want. All that we truly care about is making sure that you hear these fantastical beats. So without further ado, we give you some real Boner Jams. You know, the stuff that makes us stiff in the pantaloons.

Sydney Blu – Nightlight (Party Ghost Remix) [Ghost House] [FREE]

Chris Mehrtash aka the Party Ghost has continually impressed the Rager Onions crew with his high quality productions, originality, and inventiveness. He also possesses a certain quality that only the great artists have. That is, the ability to make whatever style your producing sound authentic. And by ‘authentic’, we mean just plain good.

His latest remix of Sydney Blu’s ‘Nightlight’ is a true testament to what we have stated above. Instead of following in the footsteps of a typical and sometimes repetitive EDM song progression, Chris has developed a song where no two parts sound the same. Each chorus bears a unique build and each drop delivers something fresh to the mix. It’s almost like you could slap a different genre label on each section.

Call it what you want.

We’ll call it ‘Ghost House’.

(Also check out his other remix of the smash hit from Capital Cities, ‘Safe and Sound’. But only if you have enough time. We know how you Americans like your time. Typical.)

Aaaaaaand while your at it. Just listen to this dammit. “Cause if the party is dead, we can bring it back to life!”