Monday’s Artist Spotlight: Candyland

Ya’ll ready for this?

(Queue Jock Jams CD)

Each day this week we will be featuring an EDM musician who happens to be playing at Chicago’s own Spring Awakening Music Festival. The purpose of these next two weeks is to introduce and possibly convince viewers to witness these “must see” sets at SAMF. Chances are, we have already seen many of the artists playing at this years’ festival. However, we feel as if we possess the experience necessary to help you plan your own unique rage-fest.

Tell your friends.

Today, we offer you two artists who we actually just saw a few weeks back, so they’re hot on our radar at the moment. Candyland, a production tandem consisting of Ethan Davis and Josie Martin, just came to Chicago with another Rager Onions favorite, Kill Paris (who is also playing at SAMF), and absolutely killed their surprisingly eclectic set. Essentially, these two are the ultimate festival act.


Well, to state the obvious, what could be better than a group that crafts signature “OG” remixes (basically, festival trap) to some of the most popular, but varied songs from throughout your lifetime? Not only does Candyland play to the crowd in that respect, but the duo may shock you with tracks you’d never expect. Just check out their remix to “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap below. Not only does Candyland play to the crowd in that respect, but the duo may shock you with tracks you’d never expect.

When it comes down to it, this manic duo knows what aspect of their job title reigns supreme: live performance. All too often these days we are left wanting after witnessing our favorite producer(s) absolutely blow on stage. Candyland will never disappoint.

Heed our advice and find a way to squeeze these two into your personal schedule for the greatest event on earth (well, maybe just Chicago), Spring Awakening Music Festival 2014.

See you there.

Who: Candyland

What: Eclectic Festival Beats

When: Sunday, June 15th | 3:30 to 4:30

Where: The Equinox Stage

Why: Their “OG” Remixes & More


The Remix Mastery of Sound Remedy (Artist Spotlight) [FUNKY] [HAPPY]

His remix of Daughter’s ‘Medicine’ has been popping up everywhere, and it’s no coincidence.  What separates Sound Remedy from the rest is his mid-tempo style that fades into a more complex electronic backdrop.

In a interview with The Sight and Sounds, he states that “I want to make music that makes people happy, or sad, as long as it makes them feel something.”

A feelings guy? We like your style.

The product of two musical masterminds (his parents were both graduates of The Julliard School of Music), this LA-based producer was classically trained to read music and play the piano at a young age. This musical background is apparent in his tracks, which are among some of the most finely tuned and polished in the EDM scene. Unlike most artists, his songs evoke a range of emotions – touching on a wide spectrum of styles in his remixes and original tracks.

We’ve attached a few of our favorites. So now you got that going for you.