Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night (TBMA Remix) [FREE]

Yes, yes, we all know how good the original was. However, a jam like “Stay The Night” by Zedd and Hayley Williams of Paramore will only solidify a spot for itself amongst other epic, pop EDM anthems by continuing to spawn fantastic remixes by other artists interested in providing their own stylistic take on the hyper-malleable, universally adored original. We do not fear this will be a problem at all for this song.

Want proof?

Take this next example from The Bolivian Marching Affair or TBMA as they liked to be referred to as. Hailing from both Boston and The District of Columbia, Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher, and Chris Curran of TBMA have killed it on their complextro dubstep remix to “Stay The Night.” Utilizing the original, incredibly powerful and reverberative vocals by Hayley Williams (but with a modulated twist), the boys have applied their own brand of uptempo, sample heavy beats to synthesize a great remix.

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Zedd | Stay The Night (Tiesto’s Club Life Remix)

Earlier this year, Tiesto impressed many of his loyal fans with his remix of Zedd’s popular radio track, “Clarity”. Once the legendary Dutchman got a taste of Zedd’s own dressing, it’s no surprise that Tiesto would rework another one of Anton Zaslavski’s legendary tracks.

“Stay The Night” exists as an incredible track all by itself. However, with the addition of Tiesto’s heavy hitting synths and inspiring builds working along side Hayley William’s majestic vocals, the track takes on a completely different persona. Not many artists have a universally expansive audience like Tiesto and Zedd; so expect to hear this colossal remix cleverly mixed into your upcoming fall shows.

Speaking of Fall shows…

While most impactful tracks are recognized in the first play, I suggest you press repeat on this one.

Trust me, it’s just that much sweeter the second time around.