Mondays Blow. This Playlist However, Does Not.

Below we have included a cornucopia of next-level EDM tunes (categorized by genre) that we simply did not have the time to post over the last month or so. Time is a precious thing, as you all know. Unfortunately, we seem to have less of it as each day progresses onto the next. It sucks really.

Which brings me to my next point, anyone looking for a job???

Email us. We sure as hell could use the help around here.

Oh, and no fat chicks. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Dubstep/Drumstep: Trap: Future Shit: House and House Derivatives: Glitch Hop: Drum and Bass:

Eptic – Mastermind EP [HEAVY][OUT MAY 6th!]

Never Say Die Records continues to firmly control their position atop the list of powerhouse dubstep recording companies. Their latest EP release, which is brought to you by the Belgian artist Eptic, will only solidify this fact.

Fresh off a successful year in 2012, Michaël Bella continues to hone his skill on the decks. Besides the fact that he has been touring non-stop, Eptic has been taking a few pointers from the pros by collaborating with artists such as Habstrakt, SKisM, Excision, and Datsik. With all this in mind, you can imagine why we here at Rager Onions are pumped about his forecoming release: ‘Mastermind EP.’

The fresh new tracks from Eptic continue where he left off on his last EP release titled ‘Like A Boss.’ Did we mention that this extended play spent nearly 2 months on Beatport’s top 10 dubstep chart? Now that is doing it like a boss. ‘Mastermind’ possesses all the bass you can handle. What we found unique about this album is that each track sounds extremely unique compared to the next. Eptic gives us a nice sampling of Dubstep, Drum and Bass and even Trap on the new release from Never Say Die Records.

The forthcoming title can be pre-ordered here and will be released May 6th on, you guessed it, Never Say Die Records. Enjoy.

Habstrakt – CDXX Ft. Trichome Syndicate [HEAVY][TRAP]

‘CDXX’ by Habstrakt is an original trap track that we can all nod our head to. Whether in approval, or in a fit of rave.

The breaks, along with the sweeping bass, layered synths, and crunchy dub landscape are top notch on this one. Never Say Die UKF Volume 2 is chalk-full of bangers, two of which come directly from our friend Adam out of southern France, aka Habstrakt. We’ve already seen what our fellow bass-enthusiasts think of Zomboy’s recent attempt at this genre, so tell us what you think about Adam’s undertaking.