10 Tracks Your Mom Can Get Down To On Mother’s Day [In No Particular Order]

Ok, now stop.

Before you click “Pay and Proceed” on that Edible Arrangements bouquet you were just about to purchase, why not reconsider?

What would you say if we told you that you could give your mom something totally wicked this mothers day? Not only would this gift be over-the-top incredible and possibly the most notable gift anyone has bestowed upon the person who squeezed the gifter in question out of her vagina, but, it would also be free of charge.

We know what your thinking…

And yes. We’d love it if you’d hook us up with your mothers.

And yes. Below we have provided the gift in which we were discussing above.

You can thank us later.

10. John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)

Take me home, John Denver. And you too, Pretty Lights.


9. Kill Paris feat. Marty Rod & Alma – Falling In Love Again (Kill Paris & Bee’s Knees Keytar Mix)

The love machine known as Kill Paris fits any Mother’s Day celebration. Just make sure it’s the right kind of love.


8. Soulero – Burning Down (Nymus Remix)

Picturesque. Play this one while strolling through the park with mother on your daily walk.


7. Coyote Kisses – This Is How You Know

A delicate hymn proper for that car ride over to church. Thanks Coyote Kisses.


6. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Big Sandz Remix)

Marvin Gaye + Big Sandz = A Kiss From Your Mother


5. The M Machine – Tiny Anthem (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

A tiny anthem your mom can sing you to sleep. The perfect lullaby.


4. Skrux and Felxprod feat. Complexion – Find You (Skrux VIP)

Who said maternal figures can’t like dub?


3. Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (I SEE MONSTAS Remix)

Ellie Goulding has the heart of an angel. Like your mom. HA.


2. Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom

Tell mom to save this track for behind closed doors. Nobody wants to see that.


1. Sigma – Nobody To Love

Got nobody to love on Mother’s Day? Sigma’s got you covered.

What The Funk? Spring Awakening Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Gramatik

Names: Gramatik, The Gram Addict, Denis Jasarevicspring-awakening-festival-2013-full
Born: October 19, 1984 | Portorož, Slovenia
Label: Lowtemp, Pretty Lights Music
Genres: All kinds, Electro Soul, Gramadance, Hip-Hop, Who needs a genre, We hate genres, Gr4mTech, IniTech
SAMF Time: Saturday, June 16 | 5:30 – 6:30 | Da Equinox Stage 2

There’s a lot of things that are better said than done. Like homework, or cleaning your room. Like getting up in the morning to start the coffee maker. Or cleaning coffee stains off your homework. Sometimes you have to stop saying you’ll do things, and take some advice from Nike or your peer-pressuring friend, and just do it. 

Underneath all of this sarcasm, my message is simple: go see Gramatik at Spring Awakening Music Festival.

The innovative, stubborn sensation from Portoroz, Slovenia began making beats on an early PC by the time he was 13. Long story short: boy meets music, and boy signs record label. Except this wasn’t any run-of-the-mill music signing. The digital liberator bears one simple philosophy – freeing music by making music free. Joining Pretty Lights Music went hand in hand with his motto, as the label gives all of its music away for zilch.

This maestro of electro funk takes life just one drag at a time. When he’s not rolling up the funky stuff, he’s selling over 100,000 tracks on Beatport.com. But what makes this jazzy, blues-adoring, hip-hop saluting, and bass-thrilling producer really unique is his middle finger to ‘genres’.

One of his career highlights is without question the recent success in collaborating with Detroit-native, Griz. Although the duo has only released two tracks together (one is a darn preview) – Grizmatik has produced simply brilliant music, and the day these two pair up for a full EP would be a beautiful day. If you were a fan of Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anywho, Gramatik’s tracks are soulful, spirited, and the perfect soundtrack to a roaring 20’s-rave themed dinner party. Take it from us, there’s no better way to kick back than with Gramatik. Don’t miss his set on Saturday at Spring Awakening Music Festival (sorry AN21 & Max Vangeli, Felix Da Housecat, and David S). It’ll be one to remember.

And for your audio entertainment this evening, here are my favorites – courtesy of Gramatik.

Mad Liberator & The Gram-Addict Strike Again [PREVIEW] — My People — [FUNKY] [Really..Funky]


An occasion far too grand to put off for morning – the return of Grizmatik.

For the funky of heart, Grizmatik is electronic soul in its grooviest harmony. A collaboration between two mighty talented artists, using their superpowers for an even more superior sound.

The Mad Liberator. A musical Ghandi. Motor City’s pride and joy – Griz.


The Gram-Addict. An orchestral virtuoso. With a doctorate in electronic rhythm and blues, Gramatik.