Firepower Records | Shell Shock Vol. 2 [Full-LP stream]

Wanna know what Datsik and the roster over at Firepower Records have been up to this year?

Well that will be easy.

(this is where you listen to the mind-numbing intensity of the artists on FPR’s “Shell Shock Vol. 2”)

Datsik | Let It Burn LP [NEW] (Free Download)

Coming in HOT!

Troy Beetles, also known as Datsik, has done it again. Today marks the release of his brand-new LP to follow up his spring-released Cold Blooded: Part One and to kick-off his Firepower: Most Wanted North American tour. The new ten track LP titled Let It Burn: Part Two is chock-full-o’ Datsik’s trademark dubby-bass sound; yet it’s the myriad of other auditory elements that allows this LP to push the boundaries of traditional dubstep.

Starting off, the LP’s title track “Let It Burn” acts as the hand-holding, older and wiser guide to the rest of the motley crew of tracks. It eases us in with the familiar, aggressive wompy beats complimented by airy female vocals urging us to, “let it burn”.The track is everything we’ve come to expect of Datsik and builds just enough to burn it down, providing the perfect, teasing lead-in.

Other stand-out tracks include “Hold It Down” featuring the silky smooth vocals of Georgia Murray. Though its’ foundation consists of massive, gritty bass, the track is balanced out with just a little pop-infused sweetness, similar to the likes of Krewella. Another notable is “East Side Swing”, a crazy conglomerate of reggae-infused trap that really displays Datsik’s creative side.

Looking for classic Datsik stylings? Check out “Oxygen” featuring Zyme and “Glock Burst” produced with Getter. Both tracks reflect that hard-hitting, bass-driven fury that epitomizes the deep dubstep genre.

The overall winner of Let It Burn is hands down “Athena”. The blend of synth and chopped bass alone provides an innovative sound unlike anything else on the album. When combined with the haunting vocals of what sounds like a chanting choir, the track is a unique mix of grittiness and purity, showcasing Datsik’s attention to production and balance of sound.

As EDM continues to infiltrate the popular music world, I love seeing artists stick to their roots and produce what they want to produce while simultaneously growing out of their own musical limitations. Datsik and his LP Let It Burn are all that and more.

Oh, and did I mention you can cop Let It Burn for free?

Getter’s Back With New Teaser ‘Space’ [HEAVY!]

There’s no escaping the wrath of Getter.

This track sounds like it should be played in a movie theater, not a club. Actually a club works too. It would also be the perfect compliment to a spooky video game soundtrack (perhaps the Dead Space saga?).

When I listen to it, I imagine an astronaut hurling through cosmic space dimensions, in a bad way. The dark dub of Getter is unlike anything I have ever heard. On his Soundcloud he states that this is “my take on deep shit.” Your take on deep shit? If this is your ‘deep shit’ I don’t even want to know what your ‘scary shit’ is.

Strap yourself in. Prepare for blastoff and oh, and don’t get lost up there. You might just hear this freaky jam resonating in the bowels of deep space.

Oh, and he dropped this trill Datsik remix last night.