Son Lux – Flickers (Zeds Dead Remix) [FREE Download]

Zeds Dead, more like Zeds…

Give me a minute here.

Zeds…uhh, AHEAD!

There it is. Boom, bitches. Jake’s back and he’s badder than ever. Now, onto the main event.

Ah yes, Zeds Dead is notably ahead of the game when it comes to producing quality, dubstep-influenced tunes time and time again. Consistency is a trait to be admired in an artist, especially when speaking of electronic dance music producers. It seems all too often these days I disappointingly find myself unfulfilled when a prospective up-and-coming DJ’s follow-up releases simply cannot hold water in comparison to their former track (which originally caught my ears).

Canadian producers DC and Hooks of Zeds Dead are indeed some of the first artists that come to mind in a discussion regarding the best producers in the electronic dance music game.

Tell me I’m wrong. Do it. I swear to Allah, I will take you out. 

The Fugees – Ready Or Not (WHIIITE REMIX)

In honor of accomplishing the 50,000 Facebook fan milestone, our favorite hard-nosed, modern day rockstar has dropped his latest remix for free download on his SoundCloud. Here’s what our WHIIITE had to say about his latest remix called “Ready or Not” by The Fugees.

“To celebrate 50k Fans on facebook I let you all decide what song I was going to remix next and this is the song voted by you. Had a great time making this one… Lauryn Hill’s voice is def one you don’t mind working on for long hours! Big up to those already supporting.

As always Likes/Comments/Shares/Posts are all greatly appreciated!”

Listen to the man, he’s a rockstar for hell’s sake!


Alma | “Ashes To Ashes” (feat. Kill Paris) [Free Download]

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: a solid set of vocals can make or break any electronic track, regardless of it’s production value.

Slowly but surely, vocalists and producers in electronic dance music are finding ways to collaborate. The latest voice that just cannot be ignored comes from the beautifully elegant Alma. Her latest track (featuring producer/love guru Kill Paris) has taken us Onions by storm, and we just cannot get enough of her style. Her elouqent tone combined with Kill Paris’ epic love-step fuses splendidly into quite the seductive masterpiece. It’s a song you aren’t going to want to pass up.

We’re calling this one the heart-tickler. 

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