The Future of Trap: What So Not | Artist Spotlight [Free Download]

It would certainly appear as if signing to OWSLA was in Chris and Harley’s best interest as their past two releases, “Touched” and “Jaguar”, have accumulated nearly one million listens on SoundCloud in less than a month (with countless other views on other various social media platforms, like YouTube). In fact, their most recent release, which dropped today, has already accumulated 150K views as of 3:30 PM CST. The sheer size of these numbers are no coincidence however. This collaborative duo, What So Not, between Harley Streten (the Future Sensation) of Flume and Chris Emerson of Emoh, is a match made in heaven.

The self-proclaimed voice of the A.D.D. generation, What So Not specializes in their own form of futuristic, Afro-beat and trap influenced productions. Their sound is utterly pure, unique and nothing short of progressive. As we have mentioned previously, Trap music needs an artist(s) to breathe fresh air into an increasingly stale genre. The young Australian producer, Harley Streten of Flume, has been redefining electronic music as we know it for the past few years. With the help of Chris Emerson and Skrillex (of OWSLA), this group is the future of American Trap Music.

What So Not was formulated in late twenty eleven with the release of their first EP 7 Dollar Bill. Gaining attention from artists like Boys Noize, the tandem of producers proceeded to continue their take on Hip-Hop/R&B influenced EDM. In 2012, the duos remix to Major Lazer was popularized by some of the biggest names in electronic music including trap-phenoms Flosstradamus, Nero, and Diplo.

But it is specifically these last two jams by What So Not that have really got us all hot and bothered so to speak. The most recent release, “Jaguar” is the future of trap music as we know it. If you disagree, we feel sorry for you. We would just like to let the songs do the talking, however. So, without further ado, here we go.

Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo | Boneless Remix EP

Well America, summer has come and gone yet again, which is hard to believe when the temperature gage in my car flashed 95 degrees two days in a row.  According to our calendar (iCal), we have officially entered a new season. But is that really a bad thing? The beginning of Fall in Chicago represents a few key components: football on the weekends, jeans all day er’ day, Halloween, and arguably the best month for live EDM shows, October.

Speaking of EDM, Steve Aoki just released a remix EP of his summer jam, ‘Boneless‘. The first track comes from master producers and fellow Dim Mak members, Keys N Krates. The trio has been busy in 2013, already releasing their popular trap single, ‘Treat Me Right‘, as well as gearing up for their new EP, Solow.

The second remix provides a completely different take on the original. Ookay has only produced music for a year, but this talented DJ/producer has gained notoriety because of the energy he brings to his live sets. While already accumulating an impressive SoundCloud following as well as associating himself with names like Borgore, Flosstradamus, and Showtek, it seems like Ookay has his head screwed on straight.

Keep it up son, and maybe we’ll get you one of these.

(Old man puts out hand to show high school football state championship ring.)

(Ookay looks down at the ring, looks back up, and walks away.)

Skrillex – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix [FREE]

The creator of OWSLA  is back with a brand new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Skrillex has taken North America by storm and now he attempts to win over our brethren from across the pond with brand new material from his collaboration with German electro sensation Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize. If hip-hop influenced, acid disco-house isn’t your thing, do not fret. Sonny has included plenty of jams guaranteed to get your motor running on this hangover of a Monday.

It would appear as if this former Emo artist is changing his style once again, but what did you expect? After conquering the dubstep scene and bringing it to the forefront of mainstream music in the U.S., Skrillex diverges into yet another electronic scene. It is quite clear that he has the production skills to take on almost any genre.

So, how does it sound?

Well, that’s up to you to decide. We think it’s just more great music from Sonny Moore.

Give it and listen and tell us what you think.